How will a simple x-ray detect cancer?

Jen and I went to the hospital and had the spinal x-rays. She is a smartypants and explained to me how an x-ray would leuvenwork for such a situation. When a bone experiences trauma, the body, of course, reacts to repair it. Cancer on the spine would register as a trauma. The resulting repair activity on the bone would leave a trace in the form of calcium deposits. The x-ray would show such an area; that’s what they were looking for.

The x-rays took but a minute, but it would be hours before the final word came in. Jen and I decided to make a nice afternoon of it in Leuven, so we went for a lengthy lunch in the beautiful town square. Believe it or not, we had a great day and managed to forget all about calling for the results. We called just as we stepped on the train home, catching the office only minutes before it closed. It appeared not to be cancer, but we’d talk details the next day. Whoopee!

That night as I am preparing for my last night of sleep as the “pre-me”, I swallow my pride about being the first to say it, and I offer the sappy words to my bf. (You know, those three.) It just feels too silly to not to say it at this point, if for no other reason than to let him know that I recognize what his level of commitment means, even if it’s not been said. And to acknowledge that accepting said commitment from him and sharing such an intimate experience means the same from me. Certainly I don’t expect to die under anesthesia. That’d be crazy. But you never know. I wasn’t into tempting fate just now.


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