Week 1, Chemo 1

First of all, I’d like to say a thank you to everyone who has left me lovely supportive comments. I try to make it a habit to answer all first time commentors personally, but with all the traveling I’ve been doing and limited internet access I’ve had it just hasn’t been possible. I do thank you though. Each one means a lot.

After the first hellish night post-chemo, I am happy to say that things went rather smoothly for that first round. The French call a chemo drip a “cure”, which I like saying very much.  It’s so positive! (And, let’s hope, literal!) My drips were all on Fridays, so that I would have Del at home during the weekend days to help me through the first 48 hours if needed. On that Saturday, I wasn’t anxious to travel, but it went without incident. From taxi to train to 2 hour car ride, I slept as much as possible and basically felt like I was nursing a bad hangover. Nothing I can’t handle.  I met the parents in England and they made me feel completely welcome, completely at home and completely unself-conscious about the situation. I was in love with them immediately, and I let his mom “mother” me a bit, and I enjoyed every minute.

At her insistence, I took a nap everyday, even though I didn’t really feel like I needed one. Feeling that well just seemed to good to be true, so I didn’t push it and took rests for good measure. Even though I didn’t feel fatigued, I slept well each time.

The main thing I was worried about was my blood work. I had no idea what anything meant or what was normal or what to expect yet, but I would soon learn. I had my blood work done there on day 7, and the doctor was nice enough to explain it all. My White Blood Count was already down to 3-4,000, but she said that was to be expected. I was disappointed, and a little nervous about getting sick, but I was optimistic it would not get worse. Day 7 was supposed to be my low point, so all was well. We limited visits to the house from people coming to meet me, as not to risk me catching anything.

The subject of my hair falling out came up often at this point. I was on the look out, but nothing had happened yet. Del’s mom kindly offered to treat me to her salon, to cut my curly, shoulder length hair short. I was really fine about the whole going bald thing, but when she offered to make me an appointment I felt very sad. Apparently I just wasn’t ready to deal with that yet.  

Other than that, it was a blessedly easy 1st week. I had a few headaches. Nothing so exotic that it scared me. I had the very, very occasional few seconds of dizziness, which was quite strange. They passed before I even knew what was happening though. The most alarming symptom was the heavy racing of my heart. Sometimes, particularly during the first week, my heart would beat so fast and so hard in my chest that I thought for sure it’d be visible through my clothes. Often that happened when I was resting. I would just lie there and listen to it racing in my ears. Ka-thud ka-thud ka-thud ka-thud, it pounded. People said I was imagining it, but I certainly was not.  

I could not complain, however. All in all, one night of vomiting was a worthy trade off for the following easy week. Pssssh! So far, this chemo stuff was a piece of cake! I was hoping that would remain to be true….


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