Surgery, Bleah

In the present, I am only one week away from surgery. This time next week I’ll be checking in, unpacking my stuff and answering questions from the nurse. (No doubt including, “Can I have a beer?” like we did last time. Ha!) I’m not going to whine about it, cause I’ve already done so. Luckily, I’ve been slightly anxious about this for about 6 weeks now, which means that a good part of me now just thinks, “Well, let’s get on with it already!” The sooner we start the sooner we’ll be done. I’ve had some great discussions with a couple of women who’ve done the same surgery and it helps a lot to know what I’m in for.
Thanks ladies!

Del has been kind enough to arrange the winning of an electric, reclining chair off of ebay. About $200, I think it will make a huge difference in post-hosptial, pre-standing up straight comfort. My always-helpful Belgian friends are arranging the pick-up from a city near the border. What would I do without them?

That’s it for today. Just a little update from the present. I’m off to try and put on a few more pounds before surgery. Every little bit helps!


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  1. You go, woman! I think you’re very courageous and from reading how you handled all before, I’m sure you’ll get through this one too. Sending you good vibes. 🙂

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