Most Recent Hair

It’s that time again. Almost exactly one year after losing my hair, it’s time to take a look at it. I had my hair cut just yesterday and took a photo yesterday for just this purpose, which is funny as I just also had several requests for an update today.

It’s not fixed, but there it is.

hair sep 19 07

My curl is back exactly the way it was. Which is, yes, a good thing. I did love my curl, but it’s tough to contol on short hair though. If you’re surprised that it’s still so short, well, join the club. If it cheers you though, I have had several haircuts.

I have been cutting the back consistently, as I plan to keep the back short. I’m aiming, eventually, for something akin to a Victoria Beckham cut (the only thing I’d ever want of hers! Bleah.), but shorter. It has been regrowing for 10 months now. It’s been visible to the camera for about 7 or 8. As you can see if you compare to the May photo (in the sidebar), the last 4 months seems to have made frustratingly little difference. Even so, I do like this newest cut.

Overall it has generally grown quickly and consistently, but at one point it seems to stop getting longer… and just keep getting poofier and poofier! (As you can see in the photo; if my hair were straight it’d look much longer!)

For those judging their own hair growth, the back would be about 1.5, maybe 2,  inches longer if I hadn’t cut it. And the front? Well, that – as the only part I am willing to grow – seems at a standstill. The hairstylists all seem hellbent on trimming the bangs each time, even though I am adamant that it be left as long as possible. They claim they’re cutting the “fine ends” that need to go or else they are “shaping it”. Whatever. I trust them. And I like the new cut. I just can’t wait to have bangs to tuck behind my ear!

PS. I’ll take another photo once I’ve gotten to wash and fix it myself….


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3 responses to “Most Recent Hair

  1. You are beautiful and carry off your short hair (as well as your bald head) with style. It really highlights your eyes. Did you highlight before or did your hair just come in that much darker after chemo? Mine came in vastly darker than before. Also, I had tons of curl to the top when before it had been stick straight. Unfortunately, I have since lost all of that.

  2. Oh, it’s gorgeous. Absolutely. You are gorgeous.

    Sorry I’ve been away for a bit. I missed you.

  3. jarren

    Thanks for sharing your story and photos. You look great.

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