Back in the hospital…

Hi everyone, Del here (Sarah’s boyfriend). Sarah went into hospital yesterday and was taken for surgery this morning. It’s a long procedure – the operation will take around 8 hours and she’ll be back in her room recovering tomorrow. I can see her for 15 minutes this evening but I don’t expect Sarah to be very lucid (as opposed to the last time she came out of surgery, when the first thing she did was to crack a joke).

She’s been pretty worried about this one but has been as strong as ever: my Ma called Sarah twice over the weekend and Sarah got a little teary both times, resulting in Sarah, ridiculously, calling herself a “cry-baby”.  Even this morning she was great and determinedly cut her toe-nails as a last-minute preparation before being taken to the operating theatre.

There’s been good news too, in the form of Tina, the lady sharing a room with Sarah. Tina had a similar, if not quite as large, operation last week and is recovering very quickly. 5 of her 6 tubes were removed during the first week post-surgery and she has no trouble getting up and walking around. Hopefully, this bodes well for how Sarah will recover.

That’s it for me and the next post will be Sarah (we just have to figure out how to access the hospital’s wifi network), unless she manages to say something unexpectedly humorous again when I see her this evening…



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5 responses to “Back in the hospital…

  1. Del, Give Sarah my best.

  2. Sending well-being vibes your way. Hope recovery will be very quick. Tina seems a good one to take as example. Take care!

  3. You’re in my prayers. Godspeed for a quick recovery!

  4. All the best! Believe it or not, I am a little jealous, since I have just learnt that I am not eligible for operation at the moment – they’ll try radiation now instead.

    Speedy recovery!

  5. Bob Delaney

    Hi Sarah. All of us here in UK thinking about you and looking forward to seeing you soon. all our love.

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