All over but the cryin’

Sarah’s sister here tonight, reporting live from the bedside. I rolled in about 3:30 this afternoon and I have to say she looked a lot better than I had imagined. A little pale and sleepy. The IV is in her neck, which is disconcerting at first. And she looks about nine years old lying in that bed with the covers piled on her and all of those tubes coming out from under the covers. Yeah they did a lot of stuff to that little girl. I’ve seen a bit of the areas they worked on and they don’t look scary, but there is a lot of bandage going on.

She slept mostly and sipped water. She smiled dreamily at each new well-wisher’s SMS or call and the kisses and “I love yous” I passed on. Her bp was a little low, so there were extra fluids in the IV. She was a little warm, but the nurse insisted the new and improved bits must stay warm. There is a portable ultrasound that they probe with to make sure the new blood supply is good, and all was proclaimed “perfect” by Dr. Awesome and the plastic surgeon.

About 7 she started having pain (feeling all the sutures, and she said they felt “heavy”.) The nurse gave her a stronger pain med instead of the usual one at 8 pm. She felt much worse within 5 minutes and started to feel that anxiety that comes with believing you are going to be in serious pain for the next god-only-knows-how-many hours. We put the iPod on with Handel’s Water Music. This bad period coincided with the roommate returning from her surgery and having extremely loud visitors and phonecalls. I hope it was more the sudden break in the peace that caused the anxiety as much as anything and that the visitor-free night will help return her to the calm rest she had all day. Her bf called and she was too tired to talk but wanted to know if his out-of-town business was successful.

Dr. Awesome’s visit was about 15 minutes after the pain started in earnest and he promised that the meds would kick in, and a sedative would come soon, and tomorrow would be much better than today. I think that helped. She said the music helped. Somewhere in track 18 of Handel she thought she would try to take out the earphones and get some rest.

The nurse says I can’t go back ’till 1 pm. If you’re reading this today, close your eyes and tap your ruby red slippers together three times and wish her a blissful sleep tonight.


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3 responses to “All over but the cryin’

  1. Wishing, wishing, wishing. Shhhhh. Sleep well tonight, Sarah. I’ll take the first worry-shift for you tonight so you don’t have to.


  2. Sleep tight, Sarah. The meds will work their magic…

  3. Thanks for the update. Sleep tight!

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