I’m Home (Um…yeay?!)

Just kidding. I am of course absolutely thrilled to be home! Whoo hoo!

But did you know something? Hospitals are actually set up precisely for all sorts of sick people?! And my home is not. It’s the craziest thing, that we have had to reckon with quickly. So, it’s a bit of an adjustment, but we’re making it work. I’ve been here about 24 hours (thanks – yet again – to some of those crazy helpful Belgian friends Bert and PJ!) and am figuring out how to get myself settled with the help of Del.
He has moved my nightstand out to the salon so I can have all my little necessities set up around me and I managed to sleep well last night, if not in fits and spurts. The reclining chair is so fantastic. I tried some alternate arrangments on the sofa just for variety, but each time I got stuck and had to be rescued by my sis or Del so I wouldn’t hurt myself trying to move. (Um, I don’t try anymore.) So the chair is the bomb. But is it clearly not meant to be lived in (contrary to what one might think). I now remember that my dear friend Linda who had this done already said that I’d want to burn the recliner by the time I was finished recovering. That comment came back to me in a flash and a laugh in the depths of the night. The upside is that it ensures that I get up and move around pretty often, which is probably more important than anything as I don’t like to do so currently!

There are obstacles everywhere! Last evening I sat in my recliner (where else?) and went to pull up my blanket. It was heavy and my hand slipped off, making me lightly punch myself in the chest. Suddenly the awful story came back to me and I secretly checked the skin warmth for several hours. I feel like a bird with her baby chicks, not ready to survive on their own. ha!

All the new awkwardness fades in light of certain things: I did actually manage to have a bathe with running water 🙂 (Not a shower!) That alone is worth it. I feel clean and human. Whoopee indeed.

The sister left this morning. She got off without problem as far as I know and I wish her extremely comfortable travels.

Time to get back in the chair. Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow, a little better yet!



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4 responses to “I’m Home (Um…yeay?!)

  1. Is a bath not just the best thing ever??? I swear on the drive home from the hospital I could not stand my own stench and have no idea how Mike managed not to drive with his head out the window. Ha!

    So glad the recliner is working for you. It sure does beat trying to get up from a hospital bed or a couch!

    So glad you’re feeling better. Keep your hatchlings warm…. 🙂

  2. Fantatstic you’re feeling better! I keep my fingers crossed for a quick recovery.

    And thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and leave a comment – very much appreciated, although I think you might have more important things to do.

  3. Yippee for baths and for being home! Welcome back!

  4. There’s nothing like being home. I’m glad that you’re back.

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