I cannot believe what I have done. No, I didn’t hurt the new “girls”, thank goodness. But I will have to take a – hopefully very short – leave here. That is because my middle name is Grace, and I proved it today by dumping a glass of Diet Coke all over my beloved MacBook. If the coke didn’t ruin the circuitry, my resulting tears probably did. (OK I didn’t actually cry, but I did in my heart!)

 I have to leave it off for several days to dry out, cross my fingers and make an offering to the god of electronics that my computer will be ok. Cross your fingers too and I’ll be back as soon as I know something!



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2 responses to “Taps

  1. Ugh! What a pain. I dropped my laptop last summer and had to have the motherboard replaced.

  2. Wishing you luck. By the time I get back from vacation I hope you’re back on the net.

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