Angry Too

Today is a day to be angry. Today is the type of day when the relentless evil that cancer is sticks its head up and says, “Hey now, don’t you underestimate me! I am heartless and mean and I will be as difficult as I can be sometimes, just cause I’m a bastard.”

That is what’s happening to WhyMommy, as she struggles with setbacks in her chemo. My Cancer Twin, Jess, almost had to do more chemo herself, so I know how utterly gutting that can be. You draw all your energy to deal with the chemo from that promised end point, and then it dances a little further away like a carrot on a string. It’s so demotivating. So to all my readers, pop over to support her if you can. Hang in there WhyMommy. You are doing an amazing job. And we will all say prayers, cross our fingers, send positive vibes, or do whatever it is we each do to encourage your body to rally, for all the good soldier cells to get angry too and go into the battle with a vengeance, for the tumor to learn its place, cooperate and wither. After all, you’re doing your end of the bargain, it can at least do that same. You are in my thoughts. You are so in my thoughts.



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3 responses to “Angry Too

  1. Thanks, Sarah. And you are in mine….

  2. I have always heard that depression is unexpressed anger. So perhaps anger manifests itself in ways we don’t recognize at first.

    It’s funny you should bring this up, we talked about anger at church last night. I don’t think that anger is necessarily bad in and of itself, but it reveals what we are passionate about. I have to ask myself, “Is what angers me the same thing that angers God?” We have to somehow take anger and channel it into a behavior that is beneficial to ourselves and others.

  3. Praying, sending vibes, positive energy and doing all those healing dances (*that’s* quite a scary image!!) for BOTH of you!!!

    You both are truly amazing women!


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