Lots of Good Things

So the pain med story got trumped by WhyMommy‘s setback; I just couldn’t write about anything else just then. I will get back to it.

But more importantly here, I’ve had some good things to report. Namely, yesterday I went back to the plastic surgeon for my first follow-up. First, it was a long and hard day for me, considering I hadn’t even left that house until then. But it went so very well.

We felt that I still wasn’t ready for public transportation. My only friends with cars still around (many have moved away) are those angels in Leuven and I refused to ask them for anything else. So Del and I decided to suck up the 140Euro ($200) round trip cab fare. ouch!

I thought I was brilliant when I remembered a cab driver we had a few weeks ago. A lovely man named Georges. Polish, speaking English eagerly, very friendly, really loves Anglos. Talk about a rare find in these parts! He gave us a discount that night, just for being us, and his card for future work. Well I called Georges in the morning and he said he would do the round trip for 60Euros ($75). Del and I were excited and agreed between us we would pay him 100Euros ($144) anyway.

We should have known, given Brussels’ customer service habits. Georges said he’d come at 2. We gave him until 2:10. I had told him clearly that I had an appointment at the hospital. When I called to see what was keeping him he was nice and cheerful as ever. “Oh, I’m going to be late. I got busy after you called. About 30 minutes more. Will that work for you?” Of course I said no, that won’t work for us. I was stunned that he didn’t even call us so we could make other arrangements! I didn’t even scold him, for I was in shock and expected that at any second he’d say, “ok, well…” and come up with some solution. Instead he cheerfully said, “Ok, well, another time then. Bye-bye!” click. Urrrg! The worst thing is that he did that Brussels bit where they don’t even apologize, they just pretend it’s your fault, or that nothing is out of the ordinary. But what can ya do? We shrugged our shoulders. Called him a few names between us. And took a $100 taxi. At least it came.

So that bit wasn’t such a good thing. Nor was ending up there 2 hours early, as the appointment time somehow or another (read: by either me or the nurse) got mixed with my next one. Still, it was a surprisingly painless wait even though we went to lunch and missed Dr. Fabulous attempting to squeeze us in when he heard I was early. I also should have known, as my hospital service is as good as the Brussels service is bad. Ok, so that wasn’t go great.

But, Dr. Fab said everything looks well. He took of all the sticky paper over the incisions – tape again being the most painful part of the ordeal (that’s a good thing). He also cut the few stitches straggling to dissolve with a creepy looking finger blade made for the occasion. But there I sat, unable to believe that 2 weeks out of surgery the wounds are – at least superficially – closed! What ridiculously amazing creatures we are!

And what a ridiculously amazing surgeon he is! Even at this “raw” stage, the skin flap meets the surrounding chest skin almost invisibly. My pale, never-sunning self luckily has stomach skin that matches in tone to the rest of my chest’s skin, and the scar on that side is finer than I thought physically possible. It looks merely like I took a very (very) fine pen and drew a little line on my chest. It’s crazy!

Fabulous said not only can I take a bath, he recommends that I start doing so. He also said in a week I can start swimming and that is most highly recommended. Unfortunately the pool I go to is not that convenient, but I look forward to getting in the water when I can (read: bother to) get there.

Dr. Fabulous did that thing that I thought was all part of their plan. As I eased myself onto the examination table he said, “Is it still that tight?”, at the sight of how bent over I still was. I had been feeling pretty advanced, but I stammered out something about a long day to hide the fact that apparently I should be more advanced.

But I have to tell ya, this morning – amazingly – I got up and can stand almost normally! Sure it pulls (not painfully, at least not at the moment), sure it’s not a relaxed stance, but seemingly overnight, Quasimodo is definitely on the way out. That is one of those good things I was talking about!

Del also made my visiting friend Adam and myself a full-on, kick-butt, completely improvised meal last night. And you know what I did after that beautiful meal? I got on my returned-to-me, seemingly fully functional, not accepting death-by-Diet-Coke computer! Who hoo!

Those are very good things.


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3 responses to “Lots of Good Things

  1. Sarah,
    So glad you (and your computer) are upright and working well again! I got to meet up with WhyMommy today at the Museum of Natural History in DC. What a lovely lady. And her boys are adorable. I’m jealous of the minimal scarring. Mine began keloiding after a few weeks. They are quite purplish and about an 1/8 of an inch wide. It’s quite sad to have firm girls and not be able to flaunt them for the scarring. 😦

  2. joelmaners

    Great news. So do you have feeling in your breast? How is it different?

  3. Sarah, this is such good news. I am so proud of you.

    (But I can’t believe the taxi fiasco! How very annoying, when you were surely tense already….)

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