Who’s Better than Him?

Tonight something blissfully light-hearted. So I ask you, who here has ever heard of a “push gift”?

I never had, until I visited an American friend who lives in Hong Kong with her husband and their first kid. At the time the child was just 6 weeks old and my friend was discussing what she got for her “push gift”. Now, I don’t remember what she got, but I remember it was something pretty swank. I didn’t understand, so she explained to me that women – at least in her expat circles – each get a lavish gift from their husbands after giving birth. Me? Never heard of such a thing. But it doesn’t sound like a bad idea!

So when someone compared my reconstruction surgery with giving birth (“It’ll be rough, but you won’t remember the pain once it’s over.”), Del and I joked that I deserved a push gift.

And, much to my surprise, the dear man excitedly presented me with a brand new iPod Touch tonight. Yowza! May I just say that it’s gorgeous? He must’ve had this in the works for a while because we’ve talked about these sexy little gadgets for weeks, me firmly resolved not to buy such a luxury when not working. Besides, I never have the newest, greatest, flashiest gadgets. I’m just not quite that cool. I’ve barely shown any excitement because I’m almost embarrassed (though in a good way). It’s so unnecessary. It’s so sweet. He didn’t even get himself one yet. I don’t feel like I deserve it.

iPod thumbnailsiPod WiFi

The iPod touch, (1) showing thumbnails of my favortie photos, and (2) caught in the middle of switching from vertical to landscape view as I look at Killerboob on the internet.

But then again, of course I do! Cancer sucks. Why shouldn’t we get to be distracted with shiney objects to celebrate hurdles jumped? Actually, what I really deserve is a new breas-….oh wait. I guess I got that. Well, what I really really deserve is not to have gotten this disease in the first place. Sure, he can’t take it away, but he’s not beyond a little spoiling to compensate. And who am I do deny him? That would just be cruel and selfish, right? Bless his heart. As my New York friend would say: Who’s better than him? *dreamy sigh*



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4 responses to “Who’s Better than Him?

  1. You go girl! Also ask to borrow a credit card and buy a swanky purse or your personal taste to put your ipod touch in!

  2. joelmaners

    That’s great! I never bought my wife any gift after our children were born. But last year I finally got her a diamond ring for Mother’s Day. It has 4 diamonds. One for each of our children. I hope it was worth the wait.

  3. Dreamy indeed!

    What a great guy Del is. Blogging for you, caring for you, gifting you. You are so lucky to have him by your side! And he is so lucky to have you — breasts, no breasts, or new breasts!

  4. Nice push gift! Shame I pushed out both my babies before we began the expat lifestyle, or I’d be having a word with my husband tonight! I got an ipod touch for my birthday last year… I’m typing this comment on the laptop that I got on the previous birthday.

    On the day you wrote this, I was going into hospital for my surgery – mastectomy and installation of pseudo boob (a tram flap recon). It was the day after my birthday, and just over three months after we got married.

    I realise now I didn’t document the surgery and recovery stuff to quite the same degree as I did the chemo. I might regret that one day, so maybe I should go back and do it.

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