Picks and Pans

First I’d like to give a big thumbs-up to the newly up and running breastreconstruction.org. A woman I “know” vis the discussion boards of breastcancer.org – a spitfire named Beth – has been working tireless in her new job to get the site going. And I must say I think they’ve done a wonderful job. If you have any questions about reconstruction, start there.

Meanwhile, there is one thing I have been underwhelmed by from my surgery. That is my belly-button.

I did have quite a nice one, if I do say so myself. Technically, the one I have now is supposed to be my original one. I’ve heard some doctors “make new” ones. My plastic surgeon seemed to think this was a horrifying idea when I asked him how the whole belly-button part would go down. He said, “Um, no. Your navel is attached to all sorts of organs inside. There is no making you a new one.” What he would do, is cut around the original one in order to use that skin for the surgery, then resew the belly-button into the skin that would be pulled down (from higher up) to cover my tummy. Fair enough.

But it doesn’t look like my old belly-button. I’m sure it is. I don’t doubt him. But instead of a sunken dime-shaped dimple, it looks like a slash now. And oddly the stitches go around in a three-quarter moon shape. Strange. Oh well. I’m sure it will be more dapper as it heals. And I’m sure I can sacrifice my “classic” navel style for a new one and breasts. I’ll let you know how it shapes up.

I wrote the second part of the above about 2 weeks ago and never posted it. Tomorrow, I’ll let you know how it’s coming along.


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One response to “Picks and Pans

  1. We all hate our new belly buttons. 10 months out mine doesn’t look any better than it did in the beginning. And just between you me and the internet, I thought my original was quite nice also – Not an inny, not an outy, just nicely shaped. Now, not so much. The solution: while my tummy is still numb I am going to get a tatoo around my navel to cover up the ugliness. Perhaps a fancy sun. Maybe a smiley face. Maybe the rear view of a cat walking away with her tail in the air. I’ll see what strikes my fancy.

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