Tsk Tsk! (Can I still claim ‘chemo brain’?)

Somehow I have almost managed to let the entire Breast Cancer Awareness month go by without so much as a nod! Well there’s some great information to nod at. I’d like to mention that Sam over at WhyMommy has been featured in Fox 5 reports on Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) and will be doing a webchat tonight as well (click the link to her site for details). Fox 5 has also done two other features, one on 21-year old Colleen Capon and one on 8 year IBC survivor Elena Whiddler. Check them out if you get a moment. Three cheers to Fox 5 for their attention to the cause and helping get the word out there.

In another oversight which seems to reveal today’s theme as “forgetfulness” (or what I like to call ‘brain farts”, if you will), I also want to give a cheer to a website that I found indispensable throughout my own treatments. Breastcancer.org has information on everything you will want to know about, provided in such a way as not to be overwhelming. I found its discussion boards to be more helpful than I can say. If you have a question, are feeling scared, or just need to whine, head over there and the other ladies (and gentlemen) will sort you out with a welcoming dose of support!



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3 responses to “Tsk Tsk! (Can I still claim ‘chemo brain’?)

  1. Breastcancer.org is great! Hurrah for them and for Fox 5 — and for you, babe, who have taught me so much about honesty and openness about this disease. Wishing you easy days as you continue to recover.

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