5 Weeks Out

So I haven’t told you how I’m doing recovery-wise in a while.

Two thumbs up. The incisions have been upgraded to closed-scars for two weeks. I have one stubborn little healing spot on either side, but these are smaller than the eraser on a pencil, so I don’t foresee any complications from this.

I’ve been standing completely straight for probably a week and sleeping in bed for two. The stomach is still tight when I am board-straight, but still this doesn’t hurt. It’s sort of like having a piece of Scotch (or “cello” as the Brits call it) tape on the back of your hand and tugging on it. Except it’s a big piece of Scotch tape on my stomach. No pain though.

I have been in England for 2 weeks getting pampered back to health by my bf’s lovely parents. I had a really lovely stay and indeed, was just delivered home yesterday looking much better than I left it. I’m walking about 20 minutes a day (though just today the autumn rains have set in and I’m not sure I’ll be walking anywhere). I am doing gentle stretches everyday and though my range of motion is quite good, I’m still working on it. (I can lift my arms pretty much all the way above my head, but lifting them above my shoulders from straight out to the side is another matter.)

I’m home alone for several days until Del returns from a business trip. I actually miss his parents’ company, but I will enjoy a few days of my house to myself. Technically I have one more week during which I am supposed to me “waited on hand and foot” (words of the doctor) but I’m happy to say, folks, that I see the end of the story in sight!


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  1. So glad the end of the tunnel and the rest of your life are stretched out before you. Is there any more left to your treatment? What are your plans from here? Back to work?

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