What a Difference a Week Makes

I know I just posted a hair update, but I received a lot of feedback that confirmed it’s something a lot of people are watching. So guess, what? I (already!) have another photo update. I reassured several anxious/frustrated people that they’ll be shocked to see how much difference a week can make when your hair is growing out. As if co-operating to prove me right, today is the day I’ve been looking forward to for a year: I actually would have chosen this haircut! 🙂

hair 31Oct07



Filed under breast cancer, hair, recovery, this time THIS year

2 responses to “What a Difference a Week Makes

  1. You are looking great. Glad to hear that you are continuing to heal up well.

  2. I love it! Just noticed it on your sidebar and was so tickled to see it growing back so nicely! Whoohoo!

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