Fat Fighters

Today I post some videos in honor of my fellow BC fighters. While I am very lucky not to have had the additional insult of chemo and steroids putting weight on my frame, many do not escape those frustrating side effects and spend months after treatment fighting to get the weight off. (Among them, Imstell, working diligently on this.)

If you like British humor, I’ve got something for you. In honor of their battle to get back their pre-treatment figures, I post below a video of a popular sketch comedy show called Little Britain. This reoccurring skit pokes fun at weight loss classes with the insufferable (and very un-PC) Marjorie Dawes to lead the sessions. (It may only barely be salient, but I hope it can make you laugh!)

If you like it there are many more clips of this character – and others from the show – to be found on youtube. Search “Fat Fighters”.


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