Today just a quick question: I have a real urge to dye my hair platinum blonde. I never quite had the nerve to do it before, but the current me says “don’t be a pansy”. So I’m going for it.

However, I want to be sure it has been long enough after chemo. There is not as much information about this online as I had thought. The only direct answer I saw was “doctors will usually say wait at least 6 months.” It has been a full year since my last drip. I think this is plenty of time. My bf’s mother isn’t so sure (and is hoping I will settle on highlights instead). I thought I would query here to see if anyone knows the answer or has experience.




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  1. I say go for it! I had my hair highlighted about 6 months after I was done with treatment. What’s the worst that could happen? Might your hair fall out? Ha! You’ve been there before! Just be sure and tell your stylist that your hair is “virgin” and has never had any processing before. I’m sure it will take to whatever you do much quicker than normal.

    Can’t wait to see the results!

  2. Kim

    I don’t know the answer to your question (although you have to post when you figure it out because I need to know this!). However, I think you will look great as a platinum blonde and you have to promise to post pictures!!

  3. Go for it Sarah. I coloured mine in the May and my hair started to grow in in the February…one thing with blond, be sure the stylist knows what he/she is doing. The first time I did blond on my hair (after doing an auburn), the blond came out a bit more red than blond. The hair is new and some of the chemical was still in my system. You’re that far out though that it shouldn’t pose a problem.

    This is the time in life to say “I want it, I’m doing it.” Nothing to hold you back, time to experiment and say “this is me”…have a blast with it and let us see photos!!

  4. Umm….why is there a waiting time after chemo? Feeling completely naive here. Does the chemo still coming out of one’s system come out in the hair in a way that affects the dye process?

    Hope the coloring turns out really well for you BTW!

  5. I don’t claim to be the expert, because it was my first time ever to dye my hair after chemo ( 10 months)and I wanted my light brown to be strawberry blond, and I ended up looking like Ronald McDonald! My advise is to go to a color specialist in a large city, because they will be able to fix it immediately when is goes bad. Then you can skip over the week of staying in your house with a ski cap on.

  6. bigSister

    I always thought the waiting time for for your body to rest before you put chems on your scalp. Is this wait about the hair?

  7. Cool. No reason to back down in my opinion!

    I plan to go for highlights myself. Judging by your late Oct pics, we seem to be pretty much the same on length. I think I am curlier though!!!

    Still, cancer twins we remain………… does that mean I need to go platinum if you do?


  8. Sarah, pop over to my blog so you can get my email’ve won a giveaway and I’ll need your home mailing address!

  9. Highlight it first, then if it fancies you, go for the full blonde look. Personally, I’d take it in stages so it’s not so much of a shock.

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