[drumroll…] Ta- da!

First, let me lower your expectations a bit. I am thrilled with the cut – it’s headed right where I want it to. I am also very happy with the color, but (particularly considering it was lighter before chemo anyway) it’s not the all-out shock change I had intended.

I know, I know. I admit that I too am a little disappointed. But it was completely my choice. It would’ve been fun, but here’s the thing: when I went for my color consult, the concensus was that it probably wouldn’t come out like I wanted it to. Helena was very comfortable that I had waited long enough in terms of exposure to chemicals. But how the hair would react was another issue, not only because it is “new” hair. I talked it over with her and one of her colleagues who offered a few things to think about.

1 – All over platinum blond takes an incredible amount of upkeep. Her colleague said my “profile” has a “very, very low” expectation of maintaining it over the long run. Insead of being insulted at their quick judgement, I thought it was freaky how dead on they were about me. I can’t even use OTC teeth whiteners because I can’t be bothered to smear the stuff on my teeth for more than 2 nights in a row. Heck – I can’t even be bothered to remove the nail polish from my toes after the first painting of the summer season (cause there is inevitably only one initial painting before I tire of the idea, until the next summer when there’s one tiny red fleck that hasn’t grown off yet)! But I had thought of that. “Oh, that’s why I’m only going to do it for about 4 months or so. Then I’ll go dark again and be done with it.”

Except, what I didn’t understand is that it doesn’t work like that. I would still have to keep coloring my hair dark until it has all grown out, since the dye would fade from the (now white) hair underneath. Hmmm…not a deal-breaker, but it was something to consider.new hair 1

2 – All that would be very bad on my new hair. I knew this, but sort of thought that if you do it at the salon they can keep it healthy. Certainly they can help, but apparently it’s not quite that easy. I admit, I wasn’t keen on the idea of completely frying my soft, new healthy hair.

3 – This was the main thing. They said the color would likely not be quite what I envisioned. “Going from a color as dark as yours has grown in, it won’t turn out like mine and it won’ t turn out like hers.” (Of course, both stylists had quite blonde hair themselves.) “It’s likely to go yellowy toned. That’s the danger.” This prediction rang a bell of recognition, as I used to be quite blonde and when I look back at photos I always find the color to have been so. And then – as if the Fates themselves cared about the color of my hair – I came across of a recent photo of Kylie Minogue with her hair dyed platinum. There it was in the magazine in front of me. And – in my opinion – it looked horrible and…yellowish. (These photos are all copyrighted, but you can google them. She was at the Q Awards.) Anyhow, I pointed out the photos and Helena said, “Yes. That’s exactly what we’re shy of.”new hair 2

So basically, I decided to compromise on lots of highlights, three different tones, one of them would be the “bleach”. This would be less harsh and easier to change when the time came. I’m quite happy with the results, though I think I will go “chunkier” next time. As a post script, the stylist said she was more than happy with my hair’s reaction and if I do want to go with more of the bleach next time she feels more brave about it. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it!



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6 responses to “[drumroll…] Ta- da!

  1. Look at you Sarah!!! Woo hoo!! You didn’t lower my expectations at all…I’m totally blown away impressed. This looks fantastic!!! It suits your colouring and the cut is awesome…you are really rockin with this!!! And you’re happy with it and you understand the “why” they didn’t want to do what you wanted and even if there is a slight disappointment (I always feel that way when my stylist says “that’s just not going to work for you and here’s why…”), you can see how fabulous this looks. It’s hip, modern and very stylish and I love combi colours (that’s what I get) because it stands out so well. ^5 you are lookin’ hot!!! Ready for the weekend???? 🙂

  2. Wow! I absolutely love it. It looks great having the multiple tones. I was a bit afraid that you’d get it all one color. The color really adds dimension to your hairstyle. I know that you’re pleased with the results. Now get out there and show off your new hair/figure!

  3. Kim

    Wow Sarah! It looks great! The color is wonderful on you and brightens your whole face. I think this is much more natural-looking than the platinum blonde would have been and I love it.

  4. I’m very impressed. I couldn’t quite picture the platinum but i love the natural look you ended up with. Isn’t it weird how much darker your new hair was? I talked to a woman who had chemo 3 times. She started out as a dishwater blonde. After chemo #1 her hair grew back a strawberry blonde that she absolutely loved. Chemo#2 changed it to a dark brown and chemo #3 took her back to her original dishwater blonde. She said there was no way she was sticking with that ugly color so she was determined there must be another chemo in her future just because the strawberry had to be next up.

  5. Cancer Twin Jess

    What’s with all the excuses? I LOVE this color! And I think its a pretty big enough change! So fresh and so fun!!! And yeah, I am so jealous! I don’t want us to lose any twin-ness so I may have to do the same. Though I am thinking I may do a dirtier blonde than you (and we’ll just leave the metaphors alone)….

    Anyway, I love it!!!!! It looks fab. Keep up with the pics and I’ll try to do the same.

    Big, big hugs,


  6. Erin

    Sarah, hey! I’m back from Norway… and want to see you! When are you going to be in Brussels next? That aside, I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!! I agree with the stylists about highlights – remember Kylie has her own personal stylist that follows her around which explains her perfect pixie plantinum coiffe post-chemo. Highlights are the best because you can blend them when they’re growing, you leave SOME healthy hair which gives it weight, texture and movement, and it creates more depth and interest than pure platinum. Oh, and, it looks more sophisticated in the longer term as well. Anyway, very well done ,approve 100%, so happy you’re happy with the results!

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