So…what’s the news?

Alright alright. I’ve kept you waiting long enough. I think it is now okay to put it out to my cyber-supporters here…last week Del took me to one of those great English historical estates (Chatsworth) which I love so much. And…he popped the question!

I was completely not expecting it (at least not just now), so my immediate reaction was a stern-ish, “Are you joking?” But of course he said no! and so I said yes! πŸ™‚

So that’s why I’ve been running around doing other things rather than writing. Calling family and friends. I finally had to send an email to some because the days were ticking by to where people would begin to hear through others anyway and start to think why has it taken her so long to tell me? And my retelling of the story was getting less and less interesting (as my options for altering the telling had been well used up). We went to Paris over the weekend to see friends and enjoy the luxury of having such a romantic place just an hour away on the train, the trip being a lovely engagement gift from my future M and FIL.

I have been thinking more about combining future posts to the other blog. It just feels right to begin to lay this aside as an almost daily discussion and to pick up the old pre-cancer and new post-cancer threads of life. Certainly I’m starting a new chapter. So I think I should, well, actually do that.

But not quite yet today. I shall sit on it a little more. For now I’m going to go look at some wedding mags and giggle! Whoopee!



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8 responses to “So…what’s the news?

  1. Woo Hoo!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! This is what I call “moving forward”!!! I’m so happy for you both and this will be such an exciting time in your life!! I’ll be expecting that you will post all the details of what you are looking at, thinking about, when, where…etc. etc.!!

    I also understand you wanting to combine both blogs and do just one…you are ready to “merge”, not just with Del into that permanent relationship of “husband and wife” but to put the cancer part of your life on a back burner as you are so happily looking forward to what lies ahead. You’ll know when you are ready to blend….in the meantime…who’s got the champagne?!?! Here’s to Sarah and Del and many, many happy years together!!!! ((((Muah))))

  2. Kim

    Wow! What wonderful news!! Congratulations to you both!!

  3. Wooohoooo! I’m so happy for you. If I can’t come to the wedding, I at least want to see photos. πŸ™‚ You’ll have a great time obsessing over wedding plans.

  4. That’s fantastique !
    Hearty congratulations to you and Del.

    And thanks for the link to your other site. I’m looking forward to reading all about Belgium.

    No, honestly. I am. Really.

    I’m a devoted Europhile, too, as you can see from all this stuff I prepared earlier.

    Enjoy those wedding mags …

  5. Yeah Sarah! Way to go, Del! Congratulations to you both! Will you be married in Belgium or the States? Date set yet? Inquiring minds… and all that. πŸ˜‰ By all means, close this chapter of your book and get back to “the others”. Although I’m sure the IT police at work will miss seeing the words “Killer Boob” in my internet history log all the time… Ha!

  6. Ruth

    Hi Sarah!
    Just a quick note from your future SIL!! Can’t wait til you’re “officially” part of the clan – it’ll be nice to have another girl in this family of boys.
    I couldn’t ask for a nicer and more inspirational SIL.
    Ruth x

  7. Whoopee! Congratulations to you BOTH! I am so, so happy that things havee gone so well for you and that you’re moving into another stage of life. I will follow you to your other blog (if you don’t mind) and be happy that you can leave this one behind.


  8. Congratulations! That ‘s so great!

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