Weird Dream

Last night I had a strange dream. Remember I said once before that sometimes it’s not so much what’s in the dream that’s remarkable but how it makes you feel? Well it was one of those.

ribbonI was an actress in a movie, filming in front of a large, live audience. A female co-star was introduced all the sudden, put on stage with me. She was young, in her 20’s, and I noticed right away that she had a small tatoo on her cheek of the pink breast cancer ribbon, and dots leading from her eye down to it, as if to insinuate the ribbon had taken the track of a teardrop. This was intriguing and I was positively bursting to talk to her.

But I couldn’t because we were live on stage. Finally the director came to introduce her officially, tying up his long speech with the announcement that she had indeed just finished her own breast cancer treatment. When we could finally talk, she and I connected instantly. I felt a very strong emotional bond to her; we became joined at the hip, becoming the best of friends. I asked about her choice of tatoo and I remember her saying “Yeah, I kind of wish I hadn’t chosen such an obvious tatoo, but hey – what can ya do?”

See, it’s not that exciting. But I was so taken with her and she was so important to me. That’s what I woke up remembering. I also find it interesting that I had dreamed that now. I haven’t dreamed anything overtly BC related in, well, I’m not sure ever!

On a completely unrelated note, I went out with friends tonight. Del had gone to an ATM around the corner. A very drunk homeless man started following me and my 4 other (male) friends around. The boys kept moving us along and the guy kept following, shuffling up with a basket that had only an empty plastic cup in it. Finally I just spoke to him. I didn’t even really know what he wanted, but (assuming it was money) I said, “I’m sorry, Sir, not tonight.” He mumbled, “Not tonight?…oh…Tomorrow?” I said, “Yes, maybe,” as kindly as I could. He seemed to take a liking to me then and kept calling, “Madame!” The one and only time I turned to see what he wanted he looked at me, wagged a finger and said “pas de marriage.” No marriage. Isn’t that creepy?! [*cue music from The Twilight Zone*] We had a good laugh over that one.



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2 responses to “Weird Dream

  1. Oooo. I hate dreams like that! How creepy! Ugh.

  2. Okay, that homeless guy?! That was freaky…it’s like something from a gothic novel or a Grimm’s fairy tale!!

    As for your dream, I think that’s interesting you’d be dreaming this now…but I know what you mean about the “feelings” you get from dreams. I think this was a good one…this is “life” (as in live theatre) and there are no dress rehearsals…this is it. You’ve just become engaged and are looking ahead to new life..the tattoo of breast cancer will always be with you but you can befriend it now that you are moving forward and you can embrace others who have been on the journey as you embrace life. Most interesting!

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