The Vanishing

I’m just checking in here. It seems that even if I wanted to write everyday, that would no longer be possible. I’m in America now, still from the holidays. Still trying to get back to work, but I’m slightly in limbo. All the information that I worked so hard to scare up about my return to work in November, turned out to be wrong anyway once I went to clear with my company’s medical department to return. So…I had to start all over again with the process.

No one is very helpful at work. But whatever. It’s too bad not to be able to make any money, nor go to England and search for a wedding “breakfast” (as they call the reception) venue, but I don’t mind being at my dad’s. He doesn’t have internet yet (as you may remember) but we’re working on that as we speak.

Anyhow, that’s where I am these days. I continue to swim when I can and I can feel the stretching. It’s great, though there has been no improvement to the gnarled ligament (or whatever it is) just under my right armpit. We’re hoping that will soften up but I’m not sure. Anybody else have that after DIEP?

 I hope  had great holidays and I hope to be able to get online for longer and catch up with you soon!




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3 responses to “The Vanishing

  1. Well, you did warn us about not getting much. And dads and internets don’t always mix very well. I somewhat frequently get the I-dont-get-whats-going-on-and-can-you-help-me-fix-my-busted-_fill-in-the-blank_-computer-thingy phone call. 🙂 And you’re trying to get yourself into that? Hmmm.

  2. Sarah,
    My ligaments are all messed up under my arm. Although I pretty much have full range of motion (courtesy of children not any PT) I still have knotted up crap across my upper chest and under arm. I’ve never had any PT. I really need to get some going but I’ve been back to work and somehow that just doesn’t jive with not having any sick leave left. I think it’s a pretty common occurance.

  3. Happy New Year Sarah…glad to know that all is well with you. I’ve virtually “stopped” posting on my bc blog…I listened to what you were saying, was thinking about this anyway and then it just seemed was time to move fully back into “life”. The blog is still there, I still blog at sage & thyme, esprit and I started a journal one…every now and then I’ll pop into the bc one (I posted some research news today), but it’s good to be busy with life, isn’t it?!
    Hope you are enjoying planning the wedding..and getting issues resolved about returning to work!

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