Following That…

I first want to thank all the wonderfully supportive readers I have out there. Ya’ll always know the right things to say (or DO, even if you didn’t say anything directly to me). I told one sister (and Del)  just after writing the post because it seemed obvious to me that not acknowledging it was only giving it more power. My sis was awesome and I’m feeling better about it.

To answer some, I have considered that it could be Tamoxifen/Zoladex related, although I haven’t really seen anything saying that this is a common side effect (though that doesn’t mean it’s not, of course). I did not do Taxol or whatever as my chemo was different than the US standard. (I did “FEC”.) I will follow the sage advice of fellow former-BC friends and give it 2-3 weeks before officially worrying. Work has decided that I will not go back for a few more months (a long stupid story, will explain later!) so I’ve got the time to get it checked out. I’ll drop an email to my doctor and see what he says. I will let ya’ll know once I hear.

Thanks again for understanding so perfectly. (You have it nailed also that I feel silly taking things to my doctor that might be innocuous, even though that’s what he’s there for.) You rock!    



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2 responses to “Following That…

  1. This may be obvious, but it’s good to see you back online. 😉

  2. Sarah, despite the fact that there is a “long stupid story” about your prolonged absence from work — I see it as a godsend — you need the time to be able to work out whatever is causing you to have this tingling, without the stress of getting back to work. Resolve this and then move forward.

    I’m glad you are feeling better for having talked about this (and with family — Del and your sister which is very important!). You know the drill — there are no stupid questions, there is no “silliness” when it comes to life post cancer…and the only silly thing would be you not raising this and getting some answers.

    I think realizing that this cancer experience will always be a yoke around our necks can be depressing, but it is the reality we live with. I’d be more concerned about you if you didn’t “go to that place” when something happens and you didn’t question — is this cancer? is this some other disease? — that would be like living with your head in the sand.

    Be well…and let us know what you learn from your doctors. xoxo and a big hug!

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