Tingle, Be Gone!

So here I am at 3am back in Belgium, completely jetlagged out of my gourd. I did so well the last two nights, but the fact that I have to get up early and run lots of errands tomorrow of course means that tonight I wouldn’t sleep at all!

The good – and most important – news is that the tingling seems to have stopped after just 36 hours home in Brussels. There really is no bad news, although the mystery is not completely resolved. I feel good that over a month of sleeping in a guest bed at the NC house may well be the culprit, and a sore spot on my back really points away from that horrible MS thought.

I am still curious about the corresponding back spot though. It was not completely unnoticed in the two weeks past, but it was elusive enough not to really grab my attention. It has beenspeaking up a little louder though and tonight I found the precise spot, which even Del could locate just by rubbing fingers over my spine. It is ever so slightly swollen. General logic points to your run-of-the-mill back injury of a sort, even if there was no traumatic event to cause it. Things are looking good, given that. But still must admit that all worries are not completely chased away. (I keep remembering the time I had back soreness just at the beginning of the diagnosis days, when a friend sincerely intending to help mentioned how her own loved one’s advanced cancer had originally manifested itself that way. Generally unlikely I know, but boy some comments have a way of sticking!)

At this point my brain truely tells me it is “just a thing”. But my little nagging thoughts will never really let me just assume. I guess I must accept that there will always be a bit of a hypochondriac in me forever more. There are worse traits I could develop…

I agree with Sherry that it is in this way a good thing that I’m not working for a few more months as I’ll have all the time I need to check stuff out without the stress of getting time off to do that. Hurrah for serendipity!


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One response to “Tingle, Be Gone!

  1. Bet your glad to be back home. Did you have a nice visit with your family?

    I’m glad the tingles have vamoosed. The hypochondria is hard to fight, tho. It will probably plague all of us for the rest of our lives. Still, never hurts to get things checked out. And I know our Dr’s. understand. Your medical history is a bit more in depth than most to be sure.

    What is the next step in your reconstruction?

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