Tomorrow’s my “Juuuust to be Sure” Day

I came up with an alternative to full-on alerting Dr. Awesome which still allows me to allay any lingering concerns. That is, I contacted the doctor who oversaw my rad treatments. She’s perfect as she works part-time at my hospital in Leuven and part-time at one here in Brussels. She’s much closer and very good, but much lower on the “medical food chain” (no slight to her – I think just about anybody‘s lower on the medical food chain that Dr. Awesome), and thus, less intimidating to demand a last minute appointment with. I told her the situation and she wasn’t particularly concerned but warmly said that I should come in for some x-rays and a bone scan, cause she’s all for addressing even little nagging worries. Love her 🙂

So tomorrow I go, just to brush the shadows away.

Otherwise, I just want to say a loud “well done” to WhyMommy, who made it through all gazillion (or so) chemo treatments with grace and is now out out of the hospital from her hard-earned mastectomies. Whoo-hoo! As I said after mine, “Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead!” I’m so happy for her and hope if you get a moment you’ll pop over to tell her you are too!



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2 responses to “Tomorrow’s my “Juuuust to be Sure” Day

  1. Today is the day you go to have things checked out and I’m so glad the day is here. I understand that this doctor is not as high up the food chain as Dr. Awesome but she is going to do what needs to be done to allay your fears and to get you the answers you want…and need. Thinking of you–with the time difference, by now you will be home I’d expect. No results yet I know but you’ll come and let us know!!!

  2. Thanks for posting the latest news. You are in my prayers. I pray that God will restore the your joy of living and you can put this anxiety behind you.

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