Well, today they didn’t actually do any tests, as first one has to get a consult, then a “prescription” for them. It will unfortunately take a couple of weeks to get the CT scans done (there’s quite a line for those at the moment apparently!) but the consult was comforting. She did an examination – which included banging on my spine with her fist, to my surprise – and said after that she feels very positively that it’s not a “cancer issue”.

I learned a useful little tidbit here that y’all might be interested to know. She said if it were metastasis, “it would really hurt, particularly when I hit your back. You would know it. There would almost surely be a lot of pain.” I told her that I didn’t know something like that would necessarily hurt. “Oh definitely”, she said. Now I have had some back pain, as we well know. But it’s not anything terrible, not all the time, and when she did “hit” my back, I could feel where my sore spots were, but I wouldn’t even call it pain.

Still, she fully supported a work-up of tests. “It never hurts to check these things out, so let’s get a full picture of what’s going on in there.” So, it’ll take a few weeks, but I can fully exhale in that time. Yeaaaay for her!



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2 responses to “Update

  1. Yeah for her is right Sarah, but also yeah for you for going to see her and getting some answers — to put your mind at ease. You are exhaling now and I think you will be able to continue to.

    Thanks for sharing the info about mets — I hadn’t heard that so it’s good to know — and for those of us who may get back pain now and then we’ll know when we really need to worry. Not that we shouldn’t have things checked out because sometimes things present as asymptomatic — but this is really good to know.

    Even though you have to wait a few weeks for the tests, you are going to (hopefully!) not be worrying and stressing about them after having seen this wonderful woman today!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Well, I’m glad to know you won’t be having the tests for a few weeks. I’ve been working hard the last few days (as opposed to the “hardly working” I normally do) and completely missed the last two updates until just now. I’d hate to have missed the entire waiting and everything. 😉

    Good info on metastatic symptoms. I’ll log it away for when the hypochondria kicks in.

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