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A Big Warm Welcome

I’d like to take a moment to wish a big warm welcome to Sprucehill. Ok, so no one wants to be welcomed to breast cancer, and obviously I don’t mean that. Sprucehill was recently diagnosed, just had her surgery and starts chemo on 4 weeks. We’re sorry to meet her like this, but I want to say we’re glad she’s found us and vice-versa.

It sounds like she’s doing great after her surgery and we’re so glad to hear it. I hope to get more and more positive news from her often!

Speaking of good news, I went to the doctor today for my test results! There’s nothing! Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Booyah 🙂

I was pretty sure that would be the case since she hadn’t called, but it never hurts to hear it. And I’m surprised because she said there’s not even any evidence of the back fracture! According to the tests, it’s 100% healed – good as new. Now, my back still hurts in that spot, so I take “good as new” with many grains of salt. But hey, no cancer and no visible fracture trauma? Good enough for me.



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Meanwhile…Wedding Stuff

I’ve had all the tests for my back, finally. I don’t see the doctor until next week, but I’m confident that she would have contacted me were there anything to do with cancer showing up in the results. The leg tingling has 99.9% gone away too. I’m still experiencing back pain at the old fracture site, but the other sore spot has also dissipated. All good news.

I’m in England again. Since Del and I are moving to America, we realized we’d better get to concluding the hunt for a reception venue because – when are we both going to be able to “pop” back over here together again to look? So here we are, and it’s been very successful. In two more days of searching we’ve seen the two most promising properties yet! And if nothing else, I love the excuse to drive around looking at all the most interesting historical properties in the West Midlands. What a treat! I have to admit that it makes the task of finding a reception venue rather romantic experience…driving to all corners of the countryside to poke around all its grand historic properties – all to see if “me and my man” can see ourselves inviting our loved ones to enjoy it with us in a grand personal fete. (The task is not supposed to be that fun, is it?) Certainly it’s helped me feel like I’m really getting to know the area Del is from.

Yesterday we were very excited about a place called Welcombe Hotel and Spa. This Victorian manor is a “calendar” building: built with 7 entrances (days of the week), 12 fireplaces (months), 52 chimneys (weeks) and 365 windows. I’d never heard of this before, but how cool is that? And the room we’d get to use opens out onto the terrace and gardens. Gorgeous! We came home so excited for the first time since discovering Ettington Park, which is firmly etched on my heart as one of the most awesome properties I’ve ever gotten to tour, but has its shortcomings vis a vis our needs.

Then today we went to Coombe Abbey. I’d been wanting to look at this place for so long that I was pretty sure it couldn’t live up to my initial enthusiasm. But…wow. I am in love once again. It went straight for my heart. Restored to its gothic sumptuousness inside, the lobby area in particular is all dark carved wood, hallways lines with busts, heavy curtains, plush red fabrics, stained glass, creaking floorboards and lots of stone archways. I can’t imagine I could ever be so lucky as to celebrate our day in a place like this.

We’ll be happy however it turns out. We have to investigate the details a little more before putting our money where our mouths are, but it’s a new and exciting feeling to be making some headway on the planning, however primitive, and to have such inspiring options. How wonderful to have such national treasures to see at all!


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Shock…and Curls Gone Wild

The plastic surgery appointment gave me yet another surprise. In short, he would like to do the surgery in June, not March. I could have it earlier, but he feels that 3 more months for the transplanted blood vessels to grow stronger is a good idea. Hey, I’m all for good ideas when it comes to surgery. So I’m happy to wait.

However that also means that, suddenly, Del and I technically have nothing holding us here except…well…being ready to go. I literally spent the next hour in shock. I was feeling kind of funny after that news and Del could tell but I wasn’t ablet to articulate it. We stopped off to get some lunch and I ordered a beautiful sandwich on a baguette (Wannhh, I’m going to miss all those little things!) and we sat upstairs by the window in the rare February sun. I took huge bites and fat tears began to slip from my eyes. Not for long. Maybe 30 seconds, and then I was done (for the moment). I don’t want Del to feel like he’s making me do anything I don’t want to. I’m choosing to go. But it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy for me. I wanted to move to Europe for so long and even though there are good opportunities waiting for us in the US (and my family, and buying a home, etc) it’s really hard to give up something you worked really hard for. Even if it’s time. I’m going to miss being a foreigner. I’m going to miss…oh heck. Just lots of things. But it’ll be fine.

Anyhow, so how the schedule’s going to work now I’m not sure. I am not ready to go before April. I’m just not. Del will go before me and get started organizing things, though we haven’t decided when. Again, I’ll let you know.

On another (more fun) note, you guys haven’t seen the hair in a while. Mostly it’s an awkward mop right now, and I’m going to take the opportunity to prove it once and for all. No one believes me how wild it is. The curls have gone mad and there’s no length to weight them down yet. Everyone just says to me, “but curly hair is beautiful”. Ok, it is beautiful, but it’s a huge headache on my length hair! Perhaps now you’ll believe me. Below: a montage to show you my hair in all its crazy glory!

Just demonstrating how long it is at this point (One year past when I first had a passable head of new growth.)hair 1

And….the same idea in an upwards view….

hair 2

And now…[drumroll]…what it looks like naturally, when I wake up in the morning!

hair 4

Have you ever seen a more rebellious head of hair? Aack! Now. Yes, I’m grateful to have hair at all. But seriously. You try and tell me – with a straight face – that my “hair life” is not Curls Gone Wild!


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Things Move Fast Around Here

You guys will be mad when I tell you all the things that have gone on that I haven’t mentioned here. Nothing bad. In fact, it’s all pretty exciting. I’ve just had lots less time to write recently, but here goes.

The wedding planning is going along fine. Well, nothing’s been planned yet really. That’s because we were going to have it in October of this year. But then we decided that 08 was going to be a busy year and perhaps it was best to wait a little. So we’ve moved it back to Spring 09. It took me a day to adjust the image I had in my head (ohhh, a Fall wedding – my favorite!) but other than that I’m feeling really glad that we did so. It’s so nice to have a long time to make all the decisions involved. The down side to having such a long lead-in time? I must’ve looked at every single dress, invitation and reception venue on the internet! After a while you pass the zenith of it helping you decide what you want. Then you just descend into the madness of too many choices. ha!

Why is this going to be such a busy year? Well, first I’ve got my last little surgery (date to be set tomorrow). Soon after I’ll be going back to work. Whenever they finally get their act together and get me back on the line, it will involve 2 months of intense work schedules before it backs off to a more controllable time commitment. At the same time Del and I will almost surely be….[drumroll]…moving….to America!

How do I feel about this? Completely mixed. There are a lot of reasons I’m looking forward to it. I don’t think I’ll ever be “ready” to leave Europe though. No matter what, I’ll have doubts about doing so. I just have to remember – we can always come back. Generally I am looking forward to it. I think. Sorta.

That move will (we think) involve buying a place. And GET THIS – I’ve spoken on the phone to a television producer about doing one of those house hunting TV shows on HGTV. Wouldn’t that be hysterical?! All I know is I hope they help us find good properties to look at! It may not work out, depending on the timing of the move. But I’ll be sure to let you know.

So, after all that – whew! – see what I mean about lots of changes? Tomorrow’s setting of the surgery date is the first step to getting these things in line. It’s all going to go so fast. Here goes nothin’…


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