Meanwhile…Wedding Stuff

I’ve had all the tests for my back, finally. I don’t see the doctor until next week, but I’m confident that she would have contacted me were there anything to do with cancer showing up in the results. The leg tingling has 99.9% gone away too. I’m still experiencing back pain at the old fracture site, but the other sore spot has also dissipated. All good news.

I’m in England again. Since Del and I are moving to America, we realized we’d better get to concluding the hunt for a reception venue because – when are we both going to be able to “pop” back over here together again to look? So here we are, and it’s been very successful. In two more days of searching we’ve seen the two most promising properties yet! And if nothing else, I love the excuse to drive around looking at all the most interesting historical properties in the West Midlands. What a treat! I have to admit that it makes the task of finding a reception venue rather romantic experience…driving to all corners of the countryside to poke around all its grand historic properties – all to see if “me and my man” can see ourselves inviting our loved ones to enjoy it with us in a grand personal fete. (The task is not supposed to be that fun, is it?) Certainly it’s helped me feel like I’m really getting to know the area Del is from.

Yesterday we were very excited about a place called Welcombe Hotel and Spa. This Victorian manor is a “calendar” building: built with 7 entrances (days of the week), 12 fireplaces (months), 52 chimneys (weeks) and 365 windows. I’d never heard of this before, but how cool is that? And the room we’d get to use opens out onto the terrace and gardens. Gorgeous! We came home so excited for the first time since discovering Ettington Park, which is firmly etched on my heart as one of the most awesome properties I’ve ever gotten to tour, but has its shortcomings vis a vis our needs.

Then today we went to Coombe Abbey. I’d been wanting to look at this place for so long that I was pretty sure it couldn’t live up to my initial enthusiasm. But…wow. I am in love once again. It went straight for my heart. Restored to its gothic sumptuousness inside, the lobby area in particular is all dark carved wood, hallways lines with busts, heavy curtains, plush red fabrics, stained glass, creaking floorboards and lots of stone archways. I can’t imagine I could ever be so lucky as to celebrate our day in a place like this.

We’ll be happy however it turns out. We have to investigate the details a little more before putting our money where our mouths are, but it’s a new and exciting feeling to be making some headway on the planning, however primitive, and to have such inspiring options. How wonderful to have such national treasures to see at all!



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  2. Glad to hear that the plans are coming along. I still want to see a new hair pic! 🙂

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