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Sydney Bristow I Ain’t

When I took Del to the US last week, a trip sandwiched by one to England and one to Holland, it was one reminiscent of the kind of hyper-intense traveling I used to do on a regular basis. While pleased that my slightly-older being yet much-older feeling self held up gracefully, I did have a shock.Remember when I lamented that my days of hoisting myself up into air-conditioning shafts were over? Well, those feelings have subsided with time. Part of me has regained the sense of defiance; part of me has just learned to let it go. Since my surgeries, the range of motion in my arms is back to about 95%, but the upper ranges certainly don’t have a lot of power behind them. When I am traveling with my trusty roll-aboard suitcase, I have managed to avoid confronting the possibility of my limitations by (luckily) not having to hoist my suitcase up into any high spaces – at least when its packed full. This has been both conscious and unconscious on my part. I never thought “I don’t want to put this up there cause I might not be able to”, but it’s not like I was unaware of the fact I hadn’t done it yet. This might not be a big thing to you guys, but let’s face it, hoisting my heavy suitcase into an overhead bin was once part of my daily work experience (and will be again). It represents only one of the inherent tasks of the gig. Like Sydney Bristow changing hair color. (You know, the superspy and all around kick-ass chick from Alias.)

Anyhow, when I came back from America last week, I strolled onto the plane and found no casual way out. I refused to give it pause, so even though I had my doubts about succeeding I just plowed forward. (I often find that’s the best way to get things done.) I look up at the bin so high. I first lift the case onto the armrest in a baby-step strategy and then hoooi……uh….aahh… (*ahem*).

I would never ask a flight attendant to help me, as this is a prickly issue in our job. (You might think we’re mean to begrudge, but if we get hurt lifting your bag we are not covered by worker’s comp.) Thankfully, the nice F/A came over and she did help me. She didn’t have to do that, and I was grateful.

I was surprised by my gross failure, and – ok, sorta not too. I do now have to admit openly to myself that I am no super-spy. Damn.

Am I terribly concerned? Anh, no. Whatever. Might it indicate an issue for work? Yeah. But I’m sure once I’m back to lifting things on a regular basis, that arm muscle will come right back. And if I’m wrong, just don’t tell me, or I’ll be forced to prove you wrong.


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Getting That Move On

Del left today. We returned home from a lovely birthday trip to Venice very late Sunday night. Monday he packed up a few boxes for me to mail him, leaving the newly clean apartment looking like we sit atop the epicenter of a large earthquake. I’ll meet him in England before dropping him off in America next week. And that’s it.

The move has officially started. Strange how dependable time is to always move forward, always bring the future (if you know what I mean). For any BC readers, I used that idea to get me through rough days – remember, time is always going to bring something else. That’s my philosophical thought for the day.

Meanwhile, my last surgery has been scheduled for June 5th. I can’t wait! Yippy! I’ll be keeping the Brussels apartment until after that so I can take the move at my own pace, give Del time to set up in DC and – of course – recover in my own home come June. I ‘m still having to wear the annoying scar treatment sticky silicone things. I shall remain grateful that they exist – they have made a difference in the scar appearance – but still, c’mon. I’ve been wearing them ever day for 2.5 months. I’m sort of over being so high maintenance. I’m lucky to have such small problems now, ey?


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Weddings – English Style

Hi there.

I wrote a post today, but decided it should go on my other blog, so I moved it there.

Hope you’re having a great day!

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