Weddings – English Style

Hi there.

I wrote a post today, but decided it should go on my other blog, so I moved it there.

Hope you’re having a great day!


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  1. soleybyfaith

    Hey Sarah! Not sure if you remember me (sally from grade school and highschool) but I happened upon your website via Lisa’s. At first I was saddened to hear your news, but that only lasted about 15 mins, then I kicked into “What Can Be Better Than Kicking Butt To Survive Cancer?” mode. I know it sounds a bit morbid, but nothing changes you life and your perspective as something like this . And if you allow it…it will be for the better! Having been in WCBBTKBTSC mode myself a few years back, I definitely see how I am a better person for it. I look forward (sorry- smile) to following your progress. I can already see that “perspective” has kicked in for you. AWESOME! Love ya gal (even if I haven’t seen ya in over 15 years) and cheering you on. Sally M.

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