Getting That Move On

Del left today. We returned home from a lovely birthday trip to Venice very late Sunday night. Monday he packed up a few boxes for me to mail him, leaving the newly clean apartment looking like we sit atop the epicenter of a large earthquake. I’ll meet him in England before dropping him off in America next week. And that’s it.

The move has officially started. Strange how dependable time is to always move forward, always bring the future (if you know what I mean). For any BC readers, I used that idea to get me through rough days – remember, time is always going to bring something else. That’s my philosophical thought for the day.

Meanwhile, my last surgery has been scheduled for June 5th. I can’t wait! Yippy! I’ll be keeping the Brussels apartment until after that so I can take the move at my own pace, give Del time to set up in DC and – of course – recover in my own home come June. I ‘m still having to wear the annoying scar treatment sticky silicone things. I shall remain grateful that they exist – they have made a difference in the scar appearance – but still, c’mon. I’ve been wearing them ever day for 2.5 months. I’m sort of over being so high maintenance. I’m lucky to have such small problems now, ey?



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2 responses to “Getting That Move On

  1. Your hair is looking ever-so cute over in the side bar there.

    I really feel for you on the move. I hate moving. I used to really like it… clean slate and apartment, etc. but now it just sounds like a whole lot of hassel. Plus, you’re leaving a place you love…

    I always meant to do the scar treatment… My scars were TERRIBLE. They started to, um, uh-oh. Chemo Brain strikes again. What do you call it when your – Keloid! They started to keloid and were all purple and bulky in spots. I just never got around to doing the treatment.

    Here I am a year later and my scars have faded into pale stretch-mark looking things. Gotta love that.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. I know that you’ll have many more happy days ahead.

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