Red Red Whine Wine

Since accepting the hard truth that drinking really isn’t good for those with a history of BC, it’s not been difficult. At first it was. Really difficult. Not because I was ever a big drinker, but mostly because I was kicking and screaming at the idea that I was going to have something else taken away for me. (When, hello, was there ever a time when I wanted a drink more?) Living in Europe, a beer with lunch is like cereal without milk. Doable, but clearly not how the food gods meant it to be.

But once I got out of the habit it was no sweat. I only ever was a social drinker. But recently, the desire’s been creeping back up. Just for a 1/2 glass of beer sometimes when watching a movie. Or a glass of wine with dinner. Oh, sure I do it. But it’s strange that the urge has returned after quite some time without. And I often feel guilty when I indulge.

And it brings back a question that I never did get the doctor to answer. That is, “Um…so, since I’ve chosen to get rid of every breast cell possible, doesn’t that make it at least a little safer for me to drink?” I mean, if you significantly lower your chance of reoccurance via one method, doesn’t that give you a bit more leeway in another? Or is that wishful thinking?

I’m really asking! Anybody know?



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7 responses to “Red Red Whine Wine

  1. Uh oh… We’re not supposed to drink???!!!

    Just kidding. Although we did have a nice BBQ just last night complete with good wine, good food, and good song. I choose to believe that alcohol in moderation is NOT going to kill me. And neither will carbohydrates.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  2. Yep, my ND even says not to drink, but I feel that once every once in a while, QOL (quality of life) wins out and that a celebratory glass isn’t going to hurt me. Or maybe it is….my liver enzymes are up, but that’s another story. But giving up alcohol, dairy, red meat, flour, soy and sugar – all the “bads” for an ER+ cancer – it’s all a little much sometimes. But in the scheme of things, not that big a deal, right? Changing what we eat vs. mean and icky cancer – not much of a choice, really. I mean, us foodies have SO much to choose from in the world. Recently I discovered coconut milk, which completely rocks – in a vegan soup it’s super satisfying, and with cocoa sweetened with agave and vanilla, a new taste adventure. Really, it’s just a NEW world of tastes. As much as we miss the old one, there’s a whole new world to explore, it just looks different. I think it’s all about food adventures….

    But even though I miss wine and still drink it sometimes, but it feels weird when I do, and all the “new” food – it just feels better, like my cells come more alive when I eat “right.”

    Best wishes on your no-alcohol journey – lots of people do it.

  3. I told my Dr. that I was going to really miss a glass of wine every now and again during chemo. He said even when I am doing chemo (well after my treatment) a glass of wine was fineIf I really wanted one. Just not all the time. Having never had a chemo treatment I thought sure I would want one eventually. Right now the thought of it just makes me want to gag. Have a drink now and then. Live life to the fullest:)

  4. Thought I would add this just for others who might be wondering about the drinking stuff as well. Basically I asked several doctors their opinion on the matter, and I took the one I liked best šŸ™‚

    In all seriousness, Dr. Awesome is the one that originally said to aim for (no more than) an *average* of two glasses per week. Generally that’s easily doable for me. However, as “the mood” to indulge is coming back to me, 2 glasses in one week goes very quickly! That’s, say, one night of the week to have a beer with a movie; then only one more drink if I go out socially at all that week. No, it’s no great tragedy, of course. Simply, sometimes its a more demanding limit than I would have expected. Mostly I do what I want because I believe in prioritizing Quality Of Life, and I am a modest consumer by nature. Still, sometimes 2 per week really sneaks up on you!

  5. I still don’t see how you can live in Belgium (the beer capital of the world) and not drink beer. They have some of the finest in the world all within a short drive. That’s like living in Napa Valley and not drinking wine.

    Anyway, I do know that it’s been documented that alcohol intake does increase your initial risk. I’m not aware of any studies on recurrences though.

    BTW, your hair just looks awesome.

  6. OBA

    No drinking>>OMG when I went thru Chemo I couldn’t eat (much) Great diet (Not)
    Hence I drank white wine and smoked. Yes both evil substances.
    Even after all the treatments I still drink and it has been 12 years.
    No I am not souse nor a drunk. I go months on end without drinking. But one should not the QOL (quality of life)
    Even during radation treatments we had BBQ’s . What’s BBQ without beer and wine.
    Everyone joined in All the friends at the Amethyst house enjoyed it.
    Out the 48 friends I mert there I am the only Survivor.
    God only knows why. Definitely no angel here LOL


    My story on Breast Cancer is the link

  7. katbur

    I’m with Imstell. Trying moderation in all things except estrogen. Since We’re done everything we can to destroy all remaining traces of estrogen I choose an occasional drink. Cheers!


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