People are Starting to Notice

…that I’m not back to work YET.

Once again, just like in December/January, I’m waiting for the powers-that-be at my company to clear my return to work. My doctors sent their letters in about 3 weeks ago. Then (over 2 weeks ago) my Airline X faxed back about 20 pages of detailed paperwork. When I saw Dr. Fab last week he apologized for it taking him so long to finish. “There’s a lot of work they ask for, and I only have time to work on it here and there in between appointments.”

Honestly, if there were ever a time to pull the old God-complex routine, this is when I would expect it. If I were him, I’d likely say, “Listen, Airline X, I’m the specialist here. I am in charge of her care. If I say she can return to work, then she can return to work. Now buzz off.” And honestly, I’m quite sure they would think it over and then say, “well…okay.”

But, it just so happens that my doc’s a super-nice guy. So…we’ll all play the game. I hope it ends soon.


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3 responses to “People are Starting to Notice

  1. I am having some trouble with my insurance company. They seem to think that reconstruction is fine but only the non-cutting edge kind. My Dr. Is young and right on the edge of technology and the insurance company is very slow in catching up to that! Good luck with everything. It is so worth it. I love my new “Girls”! 🙂

  2. OBA

    I am a 12 year Breast Cancer Survior. I congratulate you for being on our side.

    Work also pushed me to come back. My Dr stated basically the same thing.

    His letter to work read something along the lines of “It is her body, when she feels she is strong enough to go back to work she will let me know!

    Then and only then will I sign the papers for her to go. It may take a year, it may take two. Only she knows when.

    Oh by the way, you are stressing her out and impeding her recovery so leave her be for at least another 6 months.

    Was just checking your pics. You look great bald. I bawled like a baby when I cut off all my hair. It was shoulder length or longer.
    The above blog is about my story of Breast Cancer. Would love to add yours to it With your permssion of course. Will of course link to your site for the whole story

  3. Yes, it is stupid to question what the doctor says…
    I’m happy, that now you are all right…

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