Who’s the Scammer?

So…I hesitate to post this since it verges into political territory and that’s not what I like to talk about here. But then again, it’s certainly relevant to the topic! So I’m going to just go ‘head and (briefly) “get my soapbox on”.

I got my rejection from Social Security for temporary disability last year. I was told they pretty much always reject you the first time. Fine. But it is annoying when their decision is so transparent. They said, “you said that you were not able to work because of your cancer treatment. However, the records show that you had a voluntary 2nd mastectomy in September, but there was no sign that your cancer was actively spreading. So you could have gone back to work then.”

No mention of the 13 hour reconstruction part of the surgery! And of course I don’t even have to go into how ridiculous is their insinuation that action against recurrence is no excuse for treatment! Their audacity and plain old bottom-line mentality leaves me speechless.

These are the moments I am furious at moving back to the US…do you know that here in Europe, when you pay into Social Security, it is considered a benefit made available to you? Situations like this are what it’s there for. The US guards it like it’s a load of gold bars in a bank vault and we’re all robbers. I understand that most peole can work through treatment, but with my job, I was not one of them. Obviously there are people who scam the system. We’ve all heard of them and I think it’s inexcusable. But I think someone who’s paid into SoSec for 18 years (including when living abroad, which is why I claimed in the US and not Belgium) and claims 1 lousy year of help for cancer treatment is clearly not one of those people! Where’s the logic people? Gaaah!



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2 responses to “Who’s the Scammer?

  1. That is just terrible. It makes me so mad. I really do not think people truly understand breast cancer. When I decided to have a double mastectomy some people had a wierd reaction when I told them. They would say “Why would you want to do that if you don’t have to?” Well I don’t want to go through this again peroid! Still I got mixed reactions. Good luck I hope you apply again. I am sure this is a big issue for lots of survivors! 😉

  2. I couldn’t agree more! I love the image of guarding SS “like it’s a load of gold bars in a bank vault and we’re all robbers.” That hits the nail on the head!

    As you know, D was born blind. That is one of the few conditions that automatically qualifies you for SSDI (for life). Yet he cannot draw his. Why? Because his parents make too much money. What in the name of Heaven does our income have to do with his blindness?

    Sure, we may be able to provide for him today. And the State provides assisted technology in the form of braille books for school, etc. But once he turns 18 he’s on his own. Blind adults have a 75% unemployment rate. All that SSDI which he could be drawing now and placing in a savings or investing would only benefit him AND THE GOV’T in the long run.

    As a Country we are very short-sighted.

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