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I’m Going to be One of You Again!

And by “one of you” I’m assuming you are a working member of society!

As of yesterday, I have received my medical clearance to go back to work. It took MONTHS, but it’s done. How it was done I’ not sure. Medical had stopped responding to my calls and mails as I asked what was going on. I had to call the union to contact medical on my behalf for answers. As of last Monday what was that answer?

Union rep: The holdup is that they’re waiting on translations. Your progress notes were sent to them in Dutch and they can’t find any translators.

Mind you, all foreign language speakers in my workgroup are clearly categorized and identified. I would only have to make 3 clicks on our company website to pull up a list of locally based Dutch speakers in my workgroup. If that’s not good enough, I hardly think that a major multinational cooperation doesn’t know how to find a translator. Not to mention this bit:

Union rep: They said you told them to inform you if your records were sent in Dutch and you could help arrange translation…

So why, in 5 weeks did they not tell me? No idea. Whatevah.

I don’t blame my doctors. I did provide explicit written instructions that my records be summerized in English, but hey. These guys are busy saving lives. I don’t hold it against them. So I obtained my own copies of the medical records and spent 2 days translating them myself. I was going to go back to the doctors, drop off the translations, ask them to sign-off and resend. Just before, I happened to look at our company website for something else and noticed a mail from my manager.

Manager: Medical has informed me you are cleared, but they don’t know how to get in touch with you to tell you.

Strange, when we’ve been emailing back and forth 6 months! But again, I’m just going to take the money and run. I never thought I’d be so happy to work! But I’m really enthusiastic to get back out there.

It does have to wait until end June, as they can’t fit me in training before my surgery on 5 June. But that’s ok. I can at least plan my life in the days until then, since I’ve been bestowed with the honor of some scheduling foresight. I hope soon to see some of you in the air!


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The Hair is Done!

I’ve just had a cut and the final result is in!

It took 15-16 months from bald to bob, but that includes growth for correct shaping and all. I’m very happy…It’s short (which I want) but I can make it look like it’s super short in back or like more of an old-school bob (ish). It is finally long enough that I can also let my curls come out to play without looking like I should be in a dirty bathrobe and a padded cell, but summer makes me too lazy to train them regularly (just yet). I’d have to say that versatility is the “final phase”, wouldn’t you?  Now, if only I could decide for the wedding next year: grow out (= more versatile) or stick with short? Hmmm…I love reveling in superficial concerns like they were a bed full of free cash!


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Practical Update found “here”

I realize my tendency to constantly revise my schedule/plans and “pop” across the ocean on a plane unexpectedly (for example) can leave those around me in a constant state of confusion!

Thus, for those that are looking for a practical update on work/my whereabouts, that I’ve posted that today on my other blog Life with “The Others”.

Have a great day!

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