Hectic Days

Oh hi there. Have you been waiting long? Nice to see you.

Since getting my work clearances, I have been going nonstop. Joy at the knowledge that I can work next month means no more watching the bleak economic reports on the TV, wondering if I will get to join the global economy again before sinking all the way to the (currently very populated) bottom. No more bad dreams that I am headed for one of those refuge camps! (ha) That little pep-me-up, plus an affordable last-minute deal and the knowledge that I no longer had to wait by the phone for work to call until my surgery, all inspired a spur of the moment little trip to Greece – where I could geek-out in archeology museums and climbing on ruins for as long as I liked. (Hence,  the reason why I ultimately went alone!)

No, I (apparently) didn’t have the time to do this, but the fact that I have spent months twiddling my fingers, waiting for work to let me re-start my life has been hard. Particularly post-cancer, I am hyper aware of the folly in wasting so much time. I am so grateful I’ve had a generous time off work, but I never expected it to be so difficult to get back. The wait had turned into “killing time”, which seems like such a shame when we all know that – at the end of the day – there never seems to have been enough. Don’t get me wrong. I can relax for hours or days with the best of them. But having stretched into months was intolerable. So I went to Greece to reclaim this period of downtime, which felt important. I have wanted to go see some of this stuff for years – now this dead time was an opportunity, not a waste! And I loved every minute.

When I got back – exhausted and covered with a satisfying/disgusting layer of salt from sweating in the 100 degree weather – I had to go almost directly to a bachelorette party in Holland, as I will miss her wedding this weekend due to my surgery. Also, my furniture sold wildly and all at once after posting an ad in the right place and I have been hectically wading through enquiring emails and viewing appointments. (Yeay – most of it is sold!)

Whew! But now I can hopefully rest just a bit before the big day on Thursday (the surgery, you know!). Tomorrow my dear brother-in-law (to be) comes to look after me for a few days since Del will be in America. (Please cross your fingers on a job he will hear about this week.) I am really touched that BIL’s coming to help out. I always enjoy an excuse to hang out with him anyway. (I told you – my FIL rocks!)

So, that’s where I’ve been. Now for the next couple of days I’ll just be here, itching my eyes out from the bleeping pollen, wishing for them to stop swelling and anxious for Thursday so [*ahem*] other things can start. 🙂


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One response to “Hectic Days

  1. sprucehillfarm

    Good luck on Thursday! I will be thinking about you and sending you good vibes for your surgery. You will do great! Let us know how it goes OK?

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