I have an update for you

And that is to say, well…come closer. A little closer. This should be right in your ear. Ready?…


First of all, remember that little bit of nausea that took me away yesterday? Well, I have been reminded of a great trick I learned during chemo: if you’re gonna’ get sick, head for the tub, not the toilet. Having my head in the toilet only makes me want to be MORE sick. And with the tub, you’ve got a fresh supply of cold water right there. Handy!

That has passed as the anesthesia and its effects have faded away. My night was otherwise fine. I slept well, but when I woke up this morning needing a bathroom break I thought I might never manage to get out of bed again. Wow does it hurt! But I did manage and I’m making my way through the day with the help of my BIL Ed really has the knack for taking care and is good company to boot.

It feels like….imagine the worst, most painful deep bruise you’ve ever had (because I guess that’s essentially what this is!). It feels like that, being pressed, from my belly button to just below my shoulders. Front and back. When I sit still it doesn’t really hurt, but then my muscles get cold and it seems to hurt more once I move again (like regular old sore muscles after a workout).

Still, I’m happy and managing. So happy to have the movement that I didn’t after the last surgery. I think this hurts as much, but freedom makes a difference. And every day will get better.



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3 responses to “I have an update for you

  1. *delurking* Exciting stuff! I hope they heal fast.

    I like the new haircut a lot (though unlike most people, you even looked good without any hair!)

  2. Hang in there girl. You’re in my prayers. Keep resting and get better soon.

  3. sprucehillfarm

    Keep resting up. I am glad your feeling better today. One little step at a time. You will be feeling great in not time!

    A hot shower will help when you are able.
    Sending you ((HUGS)) 😉

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