The Judgement

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My friend Imstell (who writes one of my favorite blogs out there, BTW), has asked a very important question. What do I think of the results?

So I’m just popping in to cut the suspense. (I have an evil urge to stop writing right now and post with that hanger…) God Bless Dr. Fabre!

This dear, kind doctor is so wonderful that he came to visit me in the room after I woke and he told me, “I actually tried with a larger implant, but it just wasn’t right. It was too tight, so you did end up with the ones we originally chose.” This surprised me since I did not communicate (nor much feel) disappointment when he selected the smallest ones for me. But he apparently remembered that I had at least originally expected to chose something slightly larger and took it upon himself to try and meet all my wishes, as unimportant as they were. Isn’t that nice? Anyway, with the final result discernible, I must say I think they are pretty much perfect. Okay okay, so there are ways in which reconstruction will never 100% mimic the ones we’re born with, but even imperfections are a part of nature. I’m sure no one will think twice but me (unless they’re thinking, wow! Those look freakishly great 😉 ).

With a shy hand over my mouth and a Japenese girl’s giggle: I admit I can’t wait to try on all my clothes. As someone who is about to move house and is terrible at tossing (donating) things she doesn’t much wear, I am doubly excited about the excuse to do so, though it will surely affect few items. Shallower closets, here I come!

Oh, and did I tell you they’re perfect?

[This is the exclusive copyright of the author of KillerBoob and may not be reprinted without premission.]



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4 responses to “The Judgement

  1. Doncha just love ’em? They (and the consecutive tummy tuck) are some of the best bad things to ever happen to me. (Add my own little school girl giggle).

  2. sprucehillfarm

    I am so glad you like them and that they are evrything you wanted and more. I like mine because they are just so darn perky. I can’t wait to get my tattoos 🙂

  3. I’m pasting in a comment from someone meaningful, but with some personal information edited out. KB
    Glad to hear everything came out fine. You consistantly beat odds, you should buy lotto tickets 🙂

    On curiosity I did some research on tattoos , as mentioned in an earlier comment, they actually are very good if you get the right artist,
    just promise no tequila before and go in and say ” I want two flaming skulls with snakes coming out of the eyes for nips” Sorry my genetic smart ass came out on that one.

    Honestly, I am so glad you are doing well, coming back to the states, when you plan a trip to…give a holler

    your ex brother in law once removed ( is that the correct term? ) 🙂
    Luv ya mean it .. Give hugs to the fam

  4. Glad to hear that you’re recovering well. I’m sure you look spectacular. Congratulations!

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