From 0 to 100 mph

I’m leaving you a hurried post today. As hurried as I actually am!

Instead of the relatively relaxed week of apartment closing and other affair-tidying here in Brussels…I now have to do it all at breakneck speed. Work (again) completely lost the thread of my bureaucratic situation and I had to go through the “when to set training” dance all over again. The result is that the trainings I was planning on at the end of the month are no longer available. ONLY Thursday is open, they told me. Thursday or wait until July and have to do 3 weeks unpaid re-training (instead of 2 days) as I will have just passed the 2 years out of work mark. Gaaah!

That’s a little fast. I don’t even have my follow up with the doctor until today. But I don’t want to wait until July, so I took it and began scrambling like a mad woman to do all the things I had planned to do this entire week, by tomorrow. Of course, all of this has required the never-ending generosity and help of certain, tireless(!) friends, and proceeds on the assumption that Dr. Fab won’t put the breaks on my speedy work return when I see him today.) I leave on Wednesday now for America! How very sudden. I don’t mind as I’ve dragged it out for a while, but leave it to work to yank the rug out of one’s schedule and send it into a tizzy. (The real downside of my job is THAT.)

I did manage to beg and plead my way into a cancellation slot in a class on Friday – so at least I have 1 day to rest in DC before moving on to training, instead of the 12 hours to arrive home, kiss my fiance, run certain immediate pre-training errands, sleep and fly several hours to training. Whew!

So off I go to finish emptying out my furniture and cabinets…

I can’t leave without mentioning the little leaving drinks party my friend Amy threw for me yesterday afternoon. It was just as I wanted – small and intimate and relaxed with some of my favorite people, some of whom I don’t see often enough. The spread was incredibly gorgeous (and yummy!) and my other friends were all so happy to finally meet the multi-talented Amy, whom I spend lots of time with but many had never met. I will be lucky to have such wonderful friends in the US!



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2 responses to “From 0 to 100 mph

  1. Wow that’s fast. I can’t believe you will be in the US this week! I hope you are feeling well. I have been wondering how your recovery was going.

  2. Well, by now you’re in the U.S. and readying yourself for training. Though it’s quick, I’m glad you’re well enough to do it. 😉

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