Welcome to America!

[This is the exclusive copyright to the author of Killerboob and my not be reprinted without permission.]

It just so happens that I am tired, hungry and poor. How fitting.

My trip here yesterday started early, as there were planned demonstrations all over Brussels to protest the gas prices (some unions want government subsidies on fuel). Not a bad day to leave, especially as we got out before they started and had no drama. My flight was full but pleasant and my commute down to DC from NYC was surprisingly, shockingly easy. I even spoke to another flight attendant who said “this commute is easy as pie”. I’ve never before heard a commute called “easy as pie” or anything like, so I am very optimistic with this decision on that front.

This morning I got up and went out to buy a Starbuck’s mocha and scones for breakfast. It seems a fitting American update to my usual European breakfast and I felt happy as I did so. While in general I dislike Starbuck’s (burnt coffee and too ubiquitous), their mochas hit the spot and, as Belgium has no Starbuck’s, the cafe has a bit of momentary cache for me, although I’m sure that will wear off shortly. I’ll enjoy it for the moment.

I continue to heal well, though I have a stubborn spot that is painful, particularly when I sleep. It wakes me up often during the night and even lying on my back becomes sore after a while. It’s the same spot on both sides, though one side is much worse than the other. I’m sure it will get better soon though.

Tomorrow is training, so I must go prepare. Just wanted to say hi and let you know how it’s going. Oh, and a question: does anyone have a good oncologist to recommend for me here in the DC area? I don’t even know where to start!

I’ll also mention the copyright notice is on here is because I have discovered that one of those internet “pirates” (or whatever you call them) has gotten to my blog and begun a comprehensive cut and paste posting of my entries, without so much as a mention that it is not his/her work. So, just like my friend WhyMommy did when she had this problem, I’m going to try putting a copyright on the posts so that if they’re taken, that should go along with it. Hopefully it stops soon.

[This is the exclusive copyright to the author of Killerboob and my not be reprinted without permission.]



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5 responses to “Welcome to America!

  1. Glad you had a great trip! Welcome to the US!
    My Doctor is in Baltimore so it would be too far for you. You should check with Whymommy. She should be able to give you some suggestions on DC Doctors.

  2. Karen

    Georgetown University Hospital–Lombardi Cancer Center. I don’t know of anyone specifically, but that’s where I would start.

  3. Welcome back! I second contacting WhyMommy for the oncologist info.

  4. cancervisa

    Great to read how you are doing! p.s. you look FAB!

  5. Hi. Apparently I have been SLACK in checking in with you. How long are you here? And when are you coming over for dinner?

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