Same As It Ever Was

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So here I return to you, now having officially returned to work! It’s a somewhat surreal thing after 2 years out (in a completely different lifestyle) and I think I’m going to talk quite a bit about airline stuff in the near future and I hope you don’t mind. If it gets a little much/boring, please let me know. In particular, I’m probably going to bitch a lot for the next 2 months and I hope you’ll also let me know if I’m turning into a sourpuss, but you’ll understand below…

First off, I am happy to be back. That’s important for me to establish sincerely. It’s a great milestone, especially considering the physical demands of my job. While I’m a little tentative about feeling I can do certain things, I then do them successfully and am happy for the flash of my old self (well, the parts of my old self that took a hit, mainly my physical one). Work is the thing making this possible since I often have no choice but to attempt the thing in question. (i.e. Remember the bag-lifting issue? It’s tentative, requires caution, and I have to pack as lightly as possible since I have no choice but to hoist my bag on the plane,  but so far so good…)  And I do generally really like my job. That’s why I remain in it, even though I have other, more traditional options, professionally speaking.

Anyhow, the reason I’ll be bitching a lot for a while is because – firstly – you all know how much I went through to get back to work, and to do so at a favorable time to me in terms of initial scheduling I could handle. I packed up most of my entire life in Brussels on about 3 days notice, even leaving the apartment unfinished (with my dear helpful-as-always friends to help finish up in my absence! Thanks in particular this time to Sarah B., Flor and Andrea) so that I could squeeze into training in June – even though it was a little early for my return after surgery. All so my schedule would work out in a certain way according to the rules.  (It also turns out that I had been misinformed; I could have comeback in July with the same outcome.) I squeaked through training…only NOW to get completely screwed by some esoteric scheduling technicality (one so random that it took the union 2 days to figure out what happened) that dumps me on the worst possible scenario through August. So why did I work so hard to come back quickly? I could be in Brussels now moving the remains of my furniture. Already I’m shaking my fists at scheduling…in this way it’s just like I never left. (Ahhh, the “good old days”.)

As of now I am looking at having to wake up almost every day between 3-5am through August and possibly into September, even on my days off. It’s just not sustainable. At some point, that will have to be worked out by some calling in sick (legitimately, for fatigue). There’s just no way around it as I am already exhaused only 3 days into it! But for now I have no choice but to soldier on and make it the best I can. Come September or October I can get back to a normal, more humane schedule. I will focus on the light at the end of that tunnel!



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2 responses to “Same As It Ever Was

  1. sprucehillfarm

    Back to work already? Hope you are feeling well. Hope you are enjoying DC. Lots of fun things to do.

  2. Don’t ya just love working??? Ha! The grass is always greener. I’m sure you’ll be feeling less tired soon, even with the obnoxious schedule.

    I was purely exhausted for about 2 weeks when I returned to work. Now I’m right back in the saddle!

    Congrats on the physical milestones.

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