When a Butterfly Beats its Wings…

Last week when I went to Brussels to finish “closing out my life” there, I made the mistake of assuming it would be at least warm enough to wear flop-flops. It wasn’t. So all week I had to run errands for 12 hours a day in my new sneakers, sans socks. Ew. I hate going sockless. It makes the shoes, erm, lose their new shoe smell, and begins to rub uncomfortably on my heel. But I did what I had to do.

On my layover in Brussels the other day, it was again too chilly to wear flip-flops. So I pulled out my flat trainers, only to discover I had again forgotten socks. Grrr. This layover was my last opportunity to arrange for my one remaining Zoladex shot – the only thing I did not get accomplished on my trip the week prior – and I didn’t have time to dawdle. So again I put them on, but I could barely stand it, sighing that I would have to carve time out of my day to buy some black socks somewhere. I certainly didn’t have the time, but I couldn’t stand another day without.

But first I had to get to the pharmacy to pick up my cartoonishly large syringe. As the pharmacist went back to retrieve the product, I leaned against the counter and looked down at the niche underneath where I can rest my purse. Can you guess what I found? One. solitary. freshly laundered. pair of black socks!

I am still stunned by my luck. Of all the things to be left behind in a pharmacy….There was nothing else forgotten along with them, and they were obviously clean. How in the world did someone come to forget one lone pair of socks, just like I needed (black and clean)? On that very morning! Was that person just then snapping their fingers thinking, Damn, I forgot my socks! Did they never notice the socks were gone? If only they had known that their carelessness would be answer to the tiny dilemma of my day…

If we tried to calculate the odds mathmatically, I’m not even sure it’s possible. I do believe in coincidences, and if I have angels looking out for me I wish they’d aim a little higher when solving my life’s problems, but I have to say, this was a pretty weird coincidence. I sat down right there and put them on, without a doubt in my mind that they were meant for me.



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3 responses to “When a Butterfly Beats its Wings…

  1. Sarah, my dear, I have friends here who would, no doubt, suffer a full body shiver at the mere thought of wearing unlaundered NEW socks – let alone someone else’s lost socks, laundered or not. But for myself, I am just glad to know there is someone else in the universe that understands these things. I have no doubts they were left for you either.

  2. sprucehillfarm

    That’s a cool story. Makes me wonder about these things. I do believe those socks were ment for you! I hope they made your day more comfortable. 🙂

  3. Hi, Sarah! I live in America, in Seattle in fact. My friend Leslie who flies for American Airlines said she ran into you. You guys started chatting it up about young women and breast cancer. Please check out my blog, I am writing it for a few reasons. I mainly want to help build awareness that young healthy women can and do get BC. I am on my 3rd day after my first chemo treatment. I am Triple Negative, Stage 1, no nodes. You?

    Lots of Love,


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