Oops! They’ve Done it Again

So, on with the crappy bit of work here. Three round-trips to Haiti last week tuckered me out for days, but bad weather meant we picked up so much time that I fulfilled my monthly obligation for work. I sure am glad for a week off now – I need it! Three of those trips in a row was a bit of a mistake on my part. I think it was too much for my still struggling sore chest muscle, but I made it through.

I’ve one more month of whine-time. August is my reserve month, and as if the gods were DARING me to think it could be any worse, I got denied ALL the days off I asked for because they “had French speaker schedules to cover”. I don’t get to go to Niagra Falls with Del and his visiting brother. I don’t get to go to see my father for his birthday. Mind you, when it comes to a reserve schedule, a French schedule is no different than a non-French one. We’re all  a bunch of bodies on a list and they call whomever they want for whatever trip. If scheduling actually respected the fact that I’m being held to a “French speaker schedule” and gave me the French trips, I wouldn’t mind so much. But they don’t. Trust me. I’ve done this for years and if there are French trips sitting in the computer to be assigned, they will skip right over me and call whom they like, even letting the plane go out without a translator. It happens. all. the. time.I have at times called and begged for French trips I see sitting in the computer, only to have the scheduler say “I’m sorry but I can only give it to a French speaker.” I have to say “Hello, Bueller! I’M a SPEAKER and you’re holding me hostage for these trips!”

Ok, maybe I don’t say exactly that…

Now I realize I’m getting a little technical here for the average “civilian’s” interest. Sorry about that. But you’re so helping my sanity by letting me grouse. It’s sad that I was excited to come back and in just 5 short weeks I’m bitter. It’s astonishing how cruddy things have gotten in the last years.  (For you passengers, too, it goes without saying!) One more month. I can do it. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.


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One response to “Oops! They’ve Done it Again

  1. And so you have hit on my biggest and only regret: the post-cancer euphoria of still being alive and isn’t-the-world-a-wonderful-place is so quickly replaced by the reality of day to day living.

    It’s almost like growing up all over again.

    Hope you can tap into the well-spring of contentment again soon.

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