1000 Words

After the overly detailed work tirades of late, I’ll leave you with some of those photos taken at work, as promised. (I still don’t have the Haiti ones on my computer…will get to those.) Presenting: The life of a flight attendant (the good, the bad and the ugly).

A layover in San Jose, Costa Rica is tempting, but extreme exhaustion (from a 4:40am report time at the airport that day – who’s going to Costa Rica that early in the day anyway? Scheesh!) and lack of infrastructure to make touring even possible (as far as we can tell), mean this is all we’ll get to see.

On my first trip back to London, this is all I see of the city. It’s often shamefully hard to go out in London, between it being offensively expensive [i.e. $8 per subway ride], being tired, and being sure that I’ll be there – literally – 100s of other times. It’s sort of like motivating to sight see in your own city.

On my next trip, I am determined to go out. And one of the most beautiful days ever in London draws me to Kensington Park for “breaky” and people watching, before I fly home.

And the people watching is good…(I call this one “Punk Rock Monk”).

This are my views as I commute into and out of NYC…

The sun lowers under the clouds before we do, so we get a sunset from above.

Now we join the sun underneath the clouds, heading towards NYC after a long day’s flight.



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3 responses to “1000 Words

  1. Amy

    You look lovely in the park! Gorgeous pic, gorgeous day, gorgeous girl 🙂
    Love the pictures. Keep them coming! It illustrates the point. Miss you! A

  2. Wow cool pictures! I really like the one of you in the park! You look great.

  3. Hello!

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    For Meg, that means getting nipples tattooed onto her body instead of the graft surgery, and now — after months of searching for an artist willing to take on her challenge — she’s about to get the work done!

    We’re 8 parts into a documentary on Meg, which is featured on GrowingBolder.com. I’d love for you to check it out and let me know what you think!


    Meg is dynamic, creative, and completely committed to ridding the world of cancer, and her spirit is contagious.

    Thanks for your time, and best luck in your own journey!

    Katy Widrick
    Executive Producer, GrowingBolder.com

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