My New City

For all my griping and whining about reserve months, this one has actually been completely painless. I even ended up with a whole week off of work, which never happens on reserve. I’ve never been so happy to eat crow.

I also did the seemingly impossible and missed another deadline – requesting my schedule for next month! This is so central to the flight attendant’s life, it’s unthinkable I could have manged such stupidity. I can only guess that my priorities have changed since being sick…which is an interesting post-return-to-work issue I didn’t see creeping up on me. As my sis pointed out, I’ve sure had a lot of changes in the last few months. It’s hard to keep up with them and get myself re-settled. Work deadlines move so fast, and I guess they’re just not as high on my list as they need to be. *sigh* I’ll try to cut myself some slack; I’ll get the hang of it. (For now I soooo lucked out and got a workable schedule for next month, which snatched me from the jaws of depression. Huge sighs of relief all around.)

This lovely week off of work was spent getting some proper experience with my new city. I am happy to find that Del and I really do regularly say, “So, let’s get out of the house. Shall we go to the [Fill in blank] museum today?” And we do! Yesterday was the US Bontanic Garden, the day before that it was the Museum of Natural History. (Currently reading [the awesome] 1776, I’ve specifically tried to see the Constitution several times, but the line is always 1 hour+ long. A pain for me, but I’m very happy to see this in terms of public interest.) I’m loving it.
This could be any number of Euro cities. Minus the pickup truck.

And I’ve come to a conclusion about DC which couldn’t make me happier: Aesthetically speaking (at least), I have moved to the closest thing to a European city we have. Grand, elaborate, gorgeous buildings…broad sidewalks…lots of parks…a plethora of (free) museums…lots of foreigners. All things considered, I am a happy girl.

The capitol and the greenhouse.

Weird cactus from the Botanic Garden.
A friend I made at the Museum of Natural History.



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4 responses to “My New City

  1. amy

    Glad to hear the scheduling all worked out (at least for now). What a great realization that DC could pass for a European city! It sounds like you are settling in easily…I am happy that you are happy.

  2. amy

    Oh, and I LOVE the pictures!

  3. Frank

    I may be wrong, but I think you saw Ghostbusters at a Connecticut Avenue movie theater (the old style, opera house type) about 25 years ago.

    From a D.C. native, I’d suggest Asian food around DuPont Circle; happy hour at any bar around “The Hill” for great political discussions to eavesdrop on or join in; protest anything in Lafayette Park and get to know police officers (oh, the stories they will tell you); any mall events, especially during the Holidays.

    Enjoy the city. It has much to offer.

  4. bigSister

    Funny, I did too [see that same Ghostbusters viewing]! I remember it well. It is so nice to see a native helping out the newcomers.

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