Am I still in Belgium?!

I have run out of Tamoxifen.

Seeing the shortage coming on, I went to a new doctor last week, who wrote me a prescription (to get me through until I see my new oncologist – who couldn’t get me in until November. So much for the supposed speed of non-socialized medicine). My new doc kept me on the brand name for the time being because she’s no oncologist and that’s what my Belgian doctors had me on.

So I go to one pharmacy, who tells me that they cannot even order the brand name (huh?!), nor can they order me the generic since my prescription asks for the brand name. So I go to the only other pharmacy in my neighborhood, which tells me that it also carried no stock (huh?!) but it can at least be ordered, come back Tuesday afternoon. Well, perfect. Monday night I take my last pill.

I go in this morning to confirm it’s coming in and the guy says of course of course, come back after noon and it will be here. I ask him to check the computer that the order is indeed progressing as promised and he insists that it has and will be arriving. So now, after noon (meaning: too late for any other pharmacy to same-day order it), I call. Only to have the pharmacy tell me they were unable to order it as of last week!

So they have wasted the 5 days of cushion I had to locate the drug and it will be several more days until I can get it. I am so furious I could spit nails. The manager came on when I complained about their dismissive attitude and lack of correct information. When I pointed out I asked the pharmacist to confirm in the computer this morning she said, “Oh, he wouldn’t know because he was just a stand-in pharmacist.”

Well, I thank him for telling me that this morning (if indeed it’s not BS).

I’m sorry – did I go back to Belgium and not realize it? I never heard of an American pharmacy not being able to get the drug I need, must less 2 of them. A not uncommon drug I might add. Now, perhaps there’s a problem at the drug-supplier level. But a little giving a damn forth-coming information from the pharmacy would have gone a long way in avoiding my now medicine-less situation.

Actually, that’s not fair to Belgium. Their customer service might suck but its pharmacies were always good to me. In fact, they carried the presciption in stock. For all of America’s health care problems, this is not one I saw coming. Now I will have several days without my medicine. Thanks a lot, CVS. I hope your pharmacist cares more about the fact that you actually need your medicine next time you take in a prescrip.



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3 responses to “Am I still in Belgium?!

  1. Karen

    And I guarantee that none of the people that you dealt with in the last couple of days will lose any sleep over this tonight. Aaarrrrggghh! Especially since you TRIED to be proactive. If only you had some recourse–a nasty letter to CVS corporate might at least make you feel better. Sorry this happened to you.

  2. bigsis

    Hey babe, I am outraged – no exagerration. We know pharmacists at C.U. – surely they can tell you how to get an emergency supply. This is effing INSANE!!!!!

  3. sprucehillfarm

    That is just wrong!

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