Falling Into Place

Despite the fact that I almost sabotaged my September schedule as well, the month has gone fantastically well so far.

First, I had a Zurich trip, which was the first to make me think that Zurich was a pretty nice place. Don’t get me wrong, Zurich is beautiful. But – just like the rest of Switzerland – I find it to be pretty dull. It’s too perfect. The first time I had a layover there I said, “Oh, isn’t this just sooo cute?!” The second time I said, “Yep. It’s cute alright.” Third time: “Well, sure it’s cute but…”. Forth time? [*snore*]

But this time I gave it a fresh thought. I – and three crew colleagues I liked quite a lot – rented some of the city’s free bikes. We cycled for several hours up the north shore of Zurich’s gigantic “lake”, dipping our feet in here, stopping for a drink at a bankside cafe there, watching the birds and the tons of locals out enjoying the sun. Then we met the rest of the crew for dinner at the beer garden, where locals danced swing and salsa to a live band. I must say, it was (finally!) one of those days I can’t believe I get paid for.

A few days later, Del had a birthday. After offering him several choices he chose a fancy dinner at home. For the first time I made homemade southern fried chicken, crab legs, asparagus wrapped in serrano ham and garlic-rosemary roasted potatoes. Followed by birthday cake of course (which read, “29th Happy!” since I had not left enough room to write 29 underneath ‘happy’). I had also invited another couple that Del knows from grad school and I’m happily getting to know, as a surprise. He had no idea he was in for a little dinner party and to my surprise, all my dishes came out right. It all turned out wonderfully and Del was very happy with his surprise guests.

Lastly, I had a weekend trip to London where one of my best friends, Adam B., was in town for the week from Scotland. He showed up at my hotel at the appointed hour with a chilled bottle of Prosecco to celebrate our first meeting since the end of my treatment, as well as sandwiches, fruit and cheese and coffee (perfectly prepared with lots of creme and no sugar!), since he knew I’d be in need of a pick-me-up so soon after my post-flight nap. We took all this booty to Hyde park and enjoyed a picnic, followed by ice cream in a paddle-boat. Then we met up with another couple of friends who used to live with us in Brussels, and they finally all met properly over sushi dinner. I love it when a plan comes together. Again, 2 times in one month I say, “Wow! I get paid for this?” I am such a happy girl.


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  1. Del

    Birthday dinner was delicious, sweety, and JD & Kate turning up was a total surprise. Hope you and Jen are seeing all the great places you showed me (it’s cold and rainy here in DC).

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