Obama and the Anti-Christ

You all know I don’t really like to bring politics to this blog. But I just have to fire off one thing that’s been driving me crazy…

That is, the number of screeching, paranoiac religious nutters claiming that “Obama is the anti-Christ [proved by the fact that] the book of Revelations clearly states that the anti-Christ will be a Muslim”. Now, I know that these people are obviously of the nut-jobish persuasion, so perhaps that’s why no one is bothering to point out their stupidity, but I just wanna say…I certainly claim to be no biblical expert. Yet they do (and that’s why they think they will get certain people to believe them). So how come I know, in a split second, that their claim is not even theoretically possible, and they do not?

Because the book of Revelations was written by John the Baptist. [Correction: I meant John the Apostle] Obvious logic: John was a disciple of Jesus. Meaning that even if the precise date of authorship can be disputed, the fact that it was written within a lifespan of Jesus cannot be. Even a generous post-Jesus dating puts the document within the 1st century AD. (Interesting aside: Last year, in my family’s big trip together we visited the supposed site of where it was written, in modern-day Selcuk, Turkey, next to ancient Ephesus. An extremely interesting and highly recommended trip.)

So, how would such a book make the claim that the anti-Christ will be a Muslim, when Mohammed, the founder of Islam, wasn’t even born for another 600ish years after Revelations was written?

Tell me, how (HOW?!) can these people not realize that? Again, maybe no one finds it worth their time to bother pointing out such an obvious spoiler, but for people making this claim, who claim to be so religiously knowledgeable, I feel someone should tell them that they have “dumbass” egg on their faces. These people clearly think they are going to scare a certain segment of people into believing them, based on their “obvious authority” of their religion and the Bible. So, just in case the latter people exist, let us help them raise the bar for their standard of bamboozlement. If you come across any of them, please, point out the obvious if for no other reason but to shut them up. Consider it a public service – to us and them and the religion they claim to be speaking for.



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5 responses to “Obama and the Anti-Christ

  1. Every election cycle brings groups of oddballs to declare astonishing things, to make outrageous predictions. And there’s no lack of the prognosticators either. They fly around from anti-Christ to anti-Earth to anti-antiperspirant (CFC zealots or the “aluminum causes Alzheimer” crowd).

    A few little things. Most likely, John the apostle wrote Revelation. Also, most believe that the visions he recorded occurred on the Isle of Patmos where he was exiled near the end of his life, which would put the writing near the end of the first century.

    But to your real point, how can they even *claim* this regarding the antichrist? It’s a good question. And your conclusion is accurate in that it does so much more harm than good to the central message of Christ. At those times, my thinning hair is in desperate danger since I find myself wanting to remove it from the roots.

    Here is an attempt to understand it to a small degree.

    1) Antichrist is a generic term. Even John the Apostle in another of his writings says “many antichrists have come”, though he does acknowlege the anticipation of a particular one. (See I John 2:18) That’s kind of astonishing given Christ was only gone ~40 years before.

    2) Predictions based in Revelation’s allegorical language could be far future, which would allow for unknown people and even whole groups of people to come into existence. (However, I believe a “near” future reading is much more appropriate for the vast majority of Revelation. Why? This would have allowed John to couch his words in a *less* offensive way so as not to directly insult those in authority. Honestly, he wasn’t looking for trouble with Caesar, but he was wanting to communicate clearly to his audience.)

    3) I suspect these groups said the same thing about President WJC. It shouldn’t surprise us to hear it again. However, let’s grab a bit of perspective. Nero hung those claiming Christianity on crosses on the pathways to the Coliseum and when darkness fell, tarred them and lit them on fire. Others whose crime was belief in Jesus were torn apart and eaten by wild animals. (I personally believe Nero was the antichrist John spoke of, however many Roman rulers did such things to Christians and many other groups.) How can any U.S. President compare? This said, they may feel similar situations occur now such as the atrocities and terrors of this contemptible war or the slaughter that we condone in abortion.

    So, let me say again, I agree with you. The message many of these folks spew forth is full of bitterness and anger. This is not the message of Jesus.

    And Jesus is controversial enough without any of this.

  2. deleted for accidental double publishing..

  3. While, admittedly, people disagree somewhat about the exact when’s and where’s of ancient documents such as Revelations (and it’s a good point), we agree that all of those arguments for this text keep it well within the range of “historically impossible” to claim what they say it’s claiming. Islam simply didn’t exist when Revelations was written.

    While my point was just that, and not in any way philosophical, you do have an interesting point that many religious people may equate abortion with “murder” in their minds. But even so – over the history of abortion controversy, Obama is just another person who disagrees with them. He didn’t invent it, introduce it, etc etc. So he shouldn’t logically earn the accusation based on his pro-choice stance. (If the belief in keeping gov’t out of one’s reproductive choices earns such a title, then I guess I am possibly an anti-Christ too!)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and knowledge…

  4. Oh, and one more thing – you are indeed correct, I meant John the Apostle.

  5. Beside the fact that Obama is and always has been a Christian:O

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