New Oncologist and Killer Boobs (a different kind than I started with)

Yesterday, I finally got in to see my new oncologist. And I’m happy to report that I really like him. The whole office, actually. Aside from waiting one hour to get a 2 minute blood draw (in an independent department), everything went smoothly, down to friendly desk staff and nurses. Don’t forget that I chose this place blindly, without any personal recommendations. I simply googled for university hospitals in the area and chose the most accessible, inviting, patient-friendly website. And voila – a fabulous new oncologist is found.

They spent a generous amount of time with me and listened to me intently, not giving me feeling I should gloss over any details in interest of time (which is what I automatically expect, to some degree, especially from a doctor that is only taking over my care well after the “crisis” has passed).

Best of all, they oohed and aahed over my reconstruction work. I knew that I have fabulous new ones and that my plastic surgeon couldn’t be any more wonderful if he gave out free bars of gold with every surgery, yet it’s another thing to hear it from other professionals. When the oncology nurse took a look, she immediately suggested that they provide access to one of their breast surgeons for removing my latest stitches because "the work is just so perfect, you don’t want a GP to deal with this intricate work and risk any blemishes". Later, when the oncologist came in, he said that the nurse had been talking about it to her colleagues after leaving the room. And when he took a look he said “I’ve been in the business a long time, and this is easily among the best work I’ve ever seen”, and “to, further, do this work on a slim young women with limited fat to harvest, that’s tricky…wow.”

Obviously I can take no credit for the work, but I feel like I’ve just won the breast lottery! Who’d have thought – after all this I have the Aston Martin of boob jobs! 🙂 (Specifically, the one in Casino Royale, perhaps the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen.)


Now, if only some charity would decide that I deserve the car to match…!

P.S. I must say I’ve had unanimously enthusiastic feedback about the calendar idea. I have no idea how to actually do it, but perhaps I’ll give it a try. Anyone with relevent connections or suggestions, you know how to reach me. Maybe my little fantasy will come true yet!



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2 responses to “New Oncologist and Killer Boobs (a different kind than I started with)

  1. Gail

    Re: calendars.

    I know commercial printers and paper … but am in Canada. It’s workable.

  2. Sue

    How nice to hear something positive about the crap you went through. I am happy you found someone you really like. It’s so important to have that connection. I love my onc and wouldn’t trade him for the world!

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