Date Night

Anyone who knows Del and I personally knows that we have quite a few things not in common. And though we might disagree on some of the more obvious things (most famously, politics), we do have in common some of the harder-to-find things (compared to my past dating experience).

For example, recently Del announced he’d like to see the Nutcracker for the Christmas season. While it was only playing locally on days I have to be gone to NYC for work, he said anyway, “Take a look at the Kennedy Center schedule. There’s something I think you’ll like.” First off, I don’t think any of that conversation would have happened with past partners.

While I hadn’t actually noticed it at first, he drew my attention to a performance titled “Clytemnestra”. Sure enough, this is right up my alley. Clytemnestra was the sister of Helen of Troy – and I am pretty crazy about the Trojan War mythology and that particular period of (real) history. The best thing was, Del had no idea who Clytemnestra even was! He just thought “the name looked Greek, like something you’d be interested in.” Let me point out that, her name isn’t just “Greek” (which could have been anyone over about a 2000 year period for all he knew), it happens to be connected to the very story of my fascination. Bullseye, honey!

If your mythology is rusty: the sisters, Clytemnestra and Helen, were married to brothers, Agamemnon and Menelaos – the two guys who led the rage to Troy. Clytemnestra took up with her hubby’s arch enemy when he was gone, and when he returned from war she killed him and his trophy Trojan mistress for sacrificing their youngest daughter before sailing off to Troy. In return, her son and other daughter killed her. Drama!) So yes, I was interested in the production. To the point, it turned out to be modern ballet. I have to say, I love dance, I love ballet. But modern dance? I’m a little wary of. My only exposure to it is in experimental exhibitions full of people in hippy stretch-clothes rolling on the floor at awkward angles. The sort of jazz-music of dance. I was really unsure if he would be willing to risk money on a ticket to see this thing. But we agreed we’d give it a shot.

And it was great. I mean, I don’t want to see modern ballet everyday. But it was interesting to see. Of course I was into the story (and I could impress/help Del by filling him on on all the details). But most of all, I enjoyed having a partner who was willing to take me to such a thing.  None my past partners were very culturally open-minded, so that seems like a precious thing to have in common. Besides, Del and I have such a good time when we do these random things together.

So it was date night. Del, in charge of the practical details, got us there 2 1/2 hours early! The restaurant was closed, and my (new, unbroken-in) heels were tearing up my feet so I couldn’t walk around too much. We killed time by lingering on the huge terrace and I took a few night photos of the thick fog blanketing the Potomac River, which backs up to the Kennedy Center. Then we  sat in the cafe and drank overpriced cava from plastic cups. I kept saying, “if we weren’t already engaged I’d be sure that this was the night.” And we toasted to that.



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2 responses to “Date Night

  1. Precious.

    The Iliad has always been one of my favorite stories. Every dude who pays attention to 9th grade Lit. dreams of being Achilles though maybe not in temperament.

    My sweetheart sold me on opera and rodeo early on. A unique blend of champagne and beer, there are harmonies that would otherwise be impossible to imagine. From Carmen to bull riding, being cultured takes surprising forms.

  2. Isn’t that what it’s all about? I suppose we can forgive his political misjudgments every four years or so… 😉

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