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Indeed, I’ve been a bit MIA from here. January – which I at first thought was going to be a nice quiet month for me – has ended up with weeks non-stop traveling and general business.

First, I was low on work hours and at 10pm the night prior, I somehow managed to score a 48 hour layover in Milan. Sweet! Most of my crew members’ seniority years were equal to my age. But they were nice and I went with 2 others to Lake Cuomo. A local even pointed out the house of “Georgio Cloony”. I rarely ever get to go to a new destination, so I felt like new-hire. It was so fun to be freshly excited about where I was going, off to see somewhere new.

Then, of course, came the inauguration. Two of my dearest friends came to DC (Including Jess, whom you may remember as my once-called “Caner Twin”. Luckily we have other things in common we prefer to dwell on these days.) and it was so great to see them, and for such a special occasion!

After that weekend: Brussels, Brussels, Brussels. Three times in one week! I just got back today from the 3rd and my brain is fried. Tomorrow I have promised to visit my sisters for the weekend. The middle one is preggers with the family’s first, and though I am dog tired, I can’t miss out on fussing-over her properly before the baby comes. Besides, who would dare disappoint an 8-months pregnant lady?!

Lastly, can I just say that I’ve had it with stupid wedding invitations? They’ve been such drama and now – after charging us waaay more than the original estimate for a way simpler design that we wanted, then failing to guide us in a deadline (WE didn’t know how long she needed to complete her work) and us finally deciding “Ok, listen, we’ll just take the current sample, we need them now!”, they just got shipped…an additional 2 weeks late AND…the final, hair-pulling touch…sent down to my dad’s house, not here to us. I’m ready to scream. [sigh] This lady and I…we have both earnestly tried so hard. But we have just crossed wires at every occasion. (Honestly, I want to say it’s all her fault. But I have a hard time completely believing that, simply because logic tells me I’m not perfect. Logic doesn’t calm my intense frustration though!)

I just have to breathe and keep telling myself, “They’ll be done with soon. They’ll be done with soon.” And only the fun wedding stuff will be left. If I’m wrong about that, please don’t tell me!



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This is Awesome

Breast cancer ‘vaccine’ being developed.

Fingers crossed. Hopes high. I don’t really think any elaboration is necessary.

Happy 2009!

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